My confinement meals review - Tian Wei, Natal Essentials, Richfood, Chilli Padi

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As I did not engage a confinement nanny or maid to help with my confinement period, I thought to cater meals so that my mothers from both sides will not have so much to do.

I am glad I did it.

It's difficult enough to plan a nutritious meal every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1 whole month. Plus, you would have to use ingredients that can replenish blood for the mother and cook them with ginger and also come out with different recipes. My mother only prepared my breakfast and yet, ended up running out of ideas and cooked the same food for me every day. There can only be so much porridge or mee sua with fish, eggs and pork that I can take.

Confinement meals are more expensive than normal tingkat meals as it is expected that there will be more herbs and nourishing ingredients used. One meal is around $30 for confinement meals while normal 2 dish + 1 soup delivery is around $5 per person. Thus, it is definitely important to choose a tasty and nutritious confinement caterer.

These are the caterers I have tried:
1) Tian Wei Signature (28 days double meals - $1,688) - Most variety caterer. I am very impressed that they have a wide variety, not just on dishes but also no the types of rice. From barley millet rice to pumpkin rice, you can choose from 8 different kinds. Not just that, they also have some western confinement meals from Week 3 onwards to keep you excited. Like Coq qu vin, seared salmon with quinoa, kurobuta pork and grilled chicken, how very appetizing! Some note worthy dishes include Coq qu vin, seared salmon with quinoa and pig's trotters. I have written a more detailed review here.

2) Natal Essentials (28 days double meals - $1,699) - Most nutritious caterer. They have the best soups and their meals are less oily too. Their meals were quite delicious but they have very limited vegetables options. I kept having spinach with ikan bilis and I felt quite sick of their meals going into the second week. Some note worthy dishes include fried rice, lean pork with black fungus and pig's trotters.

2) Richfood catering (28 days double meals - $1,529) - Most tasty caterer. They have the best pork dishes and longan red date soup. However, their sheng hua soup is really bitter. I can say that their dishes are quite delicious because it is more oily and salty. Some health conscious mothers may not want that. A point to note is that they are cheapest among these 4 caterers. Their note worthy dishes include pork ribs with pumpkin, grilled salmon and braised sliced fish with potato.

3) Chilli Padi (28 days double meals - $1,678) - Most healthy caterer. They have the healthiest menu because most dishes were quite bland and less oily. Some of their fish options were quite fishy but overall, it was still good. The disadvantage was that the dishes came in washable tingkat but it is also their advantage as the food can be kept warmer. I would rather not have to wash the wares though. Some note worthy dishes include steamed salmon, home made bean curd and stir fried asparagus.

To prevent getting sick of the dishes particularly if you order from only 1 caterer for 4 weeks where they will repeat the menu after 2 weeks, you could take 1 caterer for 2 weeks and change to another. However, it will be slightly more expensive for the shorter meals. I would rather pay a bit more than to be so bored of the food and lose appetite.

Confinement is already difficult enough, meal times are what I can look forward to. If I have a second child, I would definitely go for Richfood and Tian Wei for 2 weeks each. 


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  1. Jes,

    All of sudden, I'm so glad to be a guy :)

    1. Hi Jared,

      Truthfully, I want to be a man for my next life. Haha. You guys have it so much easier...*roar*

  2. hi Jes
    congratulation. it is always good to have own baby. i want to have baby also can not.

    1. Hi Yeh,

      Sorry to hear that. Perhaps you can try adoption. Hope you are doing well anyway!

  3. Just wondering, do you attend prenatal classes? If you have, would you like to blog about it. :)

    1. Hi LKH,

      I did not attend any prenatal classes as the information online and details given by Mount Alvernia are sufficient for me. If you have any queries, I will try my best to answer them for you :)

  4. So what did you do to pass the time during your confinement period?

    1. Hi Creed,

      To be honest, it has been pretty boring. I can't do many things because it would be frequently disrupted by baby's cries so I am pretty much glued to my mobile phone... tv series and books kept me sane :) Don't know how people previously get by without a hand phone last time!