What to do during third trimester

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Congratulations in making past the first and second trimester of the journey! It's the final lap and the heaviest one in your life. You should have more or less completed the list of antenatal check ups.

By now, the baby is tossing and turning and doing kungfu kicks regularly. It's a miraculous feeling that cannot be explained. He or she will also be having hiccups so get ready for now repeated movements.

You will also be more tired and clumsy. You will also start to pee more frequently if you have not already. It's a torture to get up every night to pee but no choice, get used to waking up at nights! If you have acid reflux like me in the first trimester, most likely it will return now and then after eating spicy or citrus food. Water retention will also kick in, making your whole body especially your feet swollen. It's quite hilarious looking at my elephant legs. I am considered lucky because it only started during my last month of pregnancy!

What to do/buy during third trimester 
1) All the baby stuff! By now, you would have gone to look at the baby cots, car seat and stroller. I bought all from Taobao by shipping it together and it's really much cheaper. Regarding the quality, I can't comment because I did not buy other brands. Start collecting your friend's donations of baby clothes and wash them together!
This would totally be a good idea!
2) Iron and calcium vitamins- Continue to take them. Fish oil supplements will stop at around Week 35 as it thins blood and might not be good during labour.

3) Hire a confinement nanny/ massage lady/ confinement meals - It might be too late to secure a confinement nanny because most mothers have already booked them in the first trimester. However, you will still need to find a good masseur to wrap your body and prevent water retention. Confinement meals like Natal Essentials and Rich Food are available if you are not hiring a nanny to cook for you.

4) Don't forget to take a look at the hospitals where you are going for your delivery. For private gynaecologists, they are only able to go to private hospitals to deliver your baby. Popular private hospitals are Mt Alvernia, TMC and Mt Elizabeth Novena. Be prepared with your hospital bag as you might need it in a moment's notice.

5) Do you prefer infant care, nanny or maid to take care of your baby? Now is a good time to decide on it.

From Week 30 onwards, your baby will slowly move to a head down position. If your baby is playful like mine, he/she will have his/her head down in one consultation and head up in another from second trimester onwards. However, nearer to the delivery date, he/she will start to turn. Don't fret if you have not get there because you can do nothing to change it.

It's a waiting game towards the end but hang in there!


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    1. Hi GV,

      Yep I am pregnant. That's why so many posts on pregnancy and none on finance :p

  2. Hi, would you recommend Tian Wei for confinement meals? Do you also believe in not having chicken and egg for the first 7 days? Im refering to the wounds recovery for c-sect.

    1. Hi there,

      I do recommend Tian Wei for their meals. I myself believe chicken and egg is good for all recovery, even c-sect, after some research online. It is up to your own beliefs I guess, and probably your mum's insistence! :)


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