What to do during second trimester

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Phew... you have successfully got past the hell trimester with the experience of morning sickness. Not to worry, it will be better now hopefully! Second trimester is the best part of pregnancy as there is no pain for most people and you are still mobile and able to enjoy a short trip termed as Babymoon.

The most fun part is finding out the gender of your baby  :)

Whether pink or blue, get ready for it during the consultation after Week 16. When the gynae asked me if I wanted to know the gender and I answered with a resounding YES!, he said it has been too long since he has met a mother who is so sure she wants to find out the gender, haha. It will definitely facilitate the purchase of baby products. It is not all the time when the baby will show the gender. If so, you will have to wait till the detailed scanning to check for abnormalies after Week 20. The blood test for glucose levels will also be done around the same time.

At this stage, you should be breaking the good news to everyone, including your boss. This is also the time where you do more research on baby products and decide on what to buy soon. Start preparing your own baby check list so that you can slowly start shopping around. I also did read up on the list of antenatal check ups to prepare myself.

What to buy during second trimester
1) Maternity wear - My belly did not start getting obvious until the third trimester so I was considered lucky. But those slim fit dresses might be too tight after a while. Start shopping around in Mothercare and similar shops. I took to online stores and bought from Taobao instead. Definitely much cheaper than www.jumpeatcry.com.

2) Shoes - Time to abandon the heels and take to comfortable walking shoes. As your belly grows, your posture might change so comfort is key. Non slippery ones are definitely essential. Some of you might have swollen feet due to water retention so new shoes are needed.

3) Calcium ($12 x 30 servings), iron ($7)and fish oil ($75) vitamins - All necessary for the development of a healthy baby. I did not take any vitamins before but no choice, have to get used to it. The folic acid is not needed any more in the second trimester.

Baby's first kick should be felt this trimester, it should be quite a fascinating moment. Enjoy this period before you get heavier! Moving on to the last trimester... 


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