What to do during first trimester

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First of all, welcome to motherhood! The first trimester is really a series of roller coasters. Some of you might be trying hard to conceive and have finally got the champion in you... Congratulations! It's an indescribable joy and you will find yourself so full of love and contentment.

Next, the fun part is to break the news to your husband. I started off my speech with what I cannot do any more, like contact sports, travel for long distance, eat oysters and drink alcohol before finally announcing the good news. I am scary like that. Be creative and try to record your partner's funny expressions!

Morning Sickness
The hell part for 80 to 90% of the pregnant ladies is this queasy feeling. It usually starts from Week 8 to Week 13. The worst is around Week 10 to 12 when I did not feel like moving, had little appetite and the nausea feeling sticks to you every day. It's like having a bad case of stomach flu, terrible and horrible and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I did not really vomit so I am still considered lucky but I was totally immobile and not myself. The only thing to do here is to rest and take naps. It's exhausting and sleeping takes away the torture for some time. I could not eat much but I could take snacks like nuts and seeds and those kept me going.

I also could not drink any plain water so I had to drink Ribena or juices instead. This resulted in high glucose levels when I took my Oscar test so you should control before the blood test. Otherwise, you would have to go back for another blood test during the forth month to re-check your glucose levels.

On good days where my tummy does not hurt that much, I continued jogging albeit at a much slower pace. The nausea does come back sometimes but being active makes me happy as I feel more like myself. Swimming is the best as I could go as fast as I want like how I used to. I also did read up on the list of antenatal check ups to prepare myself.

What to buy during this trimester
1) Anti-stretch mark creams - Mustela or Palmer's are the popular brands and some others prefer Bio Oil. I chose Mustela because my friend recommended it. Although there is no proof that these moisturizer helped to prevent stretch marks, I did really notice that my skin felt smoother after a few applications.
This 150ml is enough for my pregnancy
2) Bra extensions - Your chest area will be expanding to make way for the womb to grow so you will find that these are handy. I bought them from Taobao around S$1 a piece.
Buy at least 5 so that you can use 2 extensions at the third trimester
3) Maternity shorts or pants - Most likely your jeans can still fit but it's not going to be comfortable. Start looking for some elastic bottoms instead as your belly fills out.
Taobao sells it cheaply at less than $10!
4) Folic acid tablets - It's only $7 when I purchase from the clinic and your gynaecologist will prescribe them to you. You can also take them if you are trying to get pregnant.

5) Call and book the confinement nanny - The freelance, popular ones in forum are snap up quickly so call early to prevent disappointment. If not, agency such as PEM can arrange for you.

You are not going to enjoy pregnancy particularly with the morning sickness and you don't have to feel guilty about it! I take it like it is a test to get through to be stronger and only if you are qualified, you can be a mother! Onwards to the second trimester... 


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  1. Jes,

    Folic acid tablets - yeeks!

    Bad memories for me :(

    When I was taking them, I was scratching myself to death until I complained to the doctor and he sheepishly told me forgot to inform me got side effects...

    Well, now I know I got adverse reaction with folic acid tablets :)

    And no, I not pregnant silly! (Although my stomach now is like 2nd trimester. I win you!)

    I was the guinea pig for 6 months before entering NS - the doctors were trying to figure out what was the cause of my anaemia - did all kinds of tests until they found out I was Thalassaemia Minor.

    Come to think of it, NS is kind of cool in a weird sort of way - free thorough medical examination for early health detection!

    1. Hi Jared,

      Wah folic acid allergy.. Kind of unexpected. I thought iron pills are for anaemia.. Also a must take pregnancy supplement for later stage haha!

      Glad you approve of NS due to the free medical check up. It's a good thing they detected your condition early! Hope you maintain and don't become like pregnancy third trimester :P


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