Fat lady in the house

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Starting work, marriage, pregnancy.. all these are major changes in our life that will affect our weight. To be able to look the same after many years is not an easy feat as you can see from the friends around you. I have always prided myself that I maintain a fairly lean figure as I exercise regularly and able to wear pretty clothes.
Which shape are you?
However, that changed when I willingly and happily sacrifice my lean body to give birth to another life.

I was called fat by an acquaintance who said that she never imagined I would look like this in a haughty manner.

She knows I am pregnant. She knows I will not look like this permanently but to criticize me at this time?
That bad huh?
Poor taste.

Maybe she knows this will be the only time she can say that to my face. I have never called her fat or insult her figure before. Perhaps she is envious that I can start a family as she is older and still single. How scary a woman can become. I really think women are more vicious and will find ways to attack people personally.

Her comments affected me, although not by much but far more than I would have expected.

Of course I do not want to be fat and ugly and unattractive.

Thanks to her, I think this gives me extra motivation to shed off the additional weight after birth. I know I will get the last laugh. I will not stoop to her level definitely and criticize her but I will slowly regain my confidence.

To all husbands, please let your wives know that she is still attractive and wanted especially during the pregnancy period as it is a major change to her physically, mentally, psychologically and in all aspects of life, even impeding her career growth. Your support is crucial to let her be a confident wife and not just a mother.

To all mothers and mothers-to-be, everything is worth it. All these will only make us stronger. 


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  1. Not all women are fat after giving birth.

    1. Hi Uncle CW,

      Very true! I will strive to be a good example :)

  2. Jes,

    Scratch her eyes out!


    I had a super hot colleague and she returned to her svelte self 3 months after giving birth!

    Mini-skirts, spaghetti straps, short pants and all

    From hot babe to hot mama! You can do it!

    P.S. I must give coffee tea or me some words of consolation too. For the next 10 months, he must be extremely careful in what he says. Even uttering the right word with the "wrong" tone will...

    Hell hath no fury like a ...

    Ha ha!

    1. Hi Jared,

      Totally would start a cat fight if I am not pregnant... Wahaha!

      I believe I can do it too. Now everything also super sensitive, so everyone must be careful of what you say to me :P

  3. didnt know you are married?
    well, women are most beautiful when they are pregnant :)

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      Yeah I did not really announce my marital status here. Single and adventurous is more like a #yolo lifestyle. Ha!

  4. Fat isn't necessarily unattractive! Inner beauty hides in all shapes and sizes, hehe!

    1. Hi GMGH,

      I agree man! But calling people fat is definitely not a compliment haha. Thanks for consoling me :)

  5. Hi Jes,

    She hasn't gone through that phase in her life so she doesn't know that it's the hormones at work that's changing a woman's body. You will hear all sorts of things during this period so sometimes just think fast act blur ;p

    1. Hi Joyce,

      Yeah.. Due to the hormones, I am also more sensitive and emotional. Normally these things just bounce off me. Anyway, those who have no family yet honestly do not understand this phase in life. Can't blame them too. Thank you for your advice! :)

  6. Hi Jes,

    Watch what u way during this period. Need to eat well and slightly more but no need to indulge and then claim I eating for 2 then say how come cannot slim down huh??

    My wife gain only 10 kg throughout the pregnancy. The doc says she is one of a kind but said that is ideal. 10-12 kg gain is enough.

    She is slimmer than before she is pregnant now, lucky me, poor her LOL

    1. Hi SI,

      Hope you are like her, slimmer than before you have kids haha.

      Indeed, I just eat normally. Maybe need to take some snacks due to the hunger pangs but not as drastic as eating for two. Anyway, dieting is not my main concern now, it will come afterwards. Now is to remain healthy and positive :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Yes, unlike man, a woman is considered (by Mother Nature) not complete without giving birth.
    i like to think so too.
    So stand tall & proud to all your female friends & colleagues who still have no chance yet.
    No offence to woman who chose to be single.

    1. Hi Temperament,

      Haha, I am sure there are many who want to get married and give birth but have not met their chances yet so can't really rush fate. Your wife is a lucky woman then :)

  8. Hi Jes,

    Inevitable phase to go thru. The joy comes after the pain.

    My wife managed to slim down after birth, so it's not exactly that tough.

    The proud thing I had on her is not that though. instead it is the ability of her to go thru all the births natural without epidural.


    1. Hi Rolf,

      Yeah, I don't think it will be tough at all with proper discipline and regular exercises. I am sure I will make it a priority (remind me again if I slack off in the future!) :)

      I think all mothers are really brave and strong. I intend to go through labour without epidural too but was thinking of what my friend said: Is it worth tolerating the pain when modern medicine give you an option?

  9. Hi Jes,

    I tell my wife that she's not fat too - she's got more to love from me ;)

    1. Hi LP,

      Haha, I am sure your wife likes hearing the compliments (white lies? =P) from you but you can only let her live in self delusion for so long! She and every woman obviously know if they themselves have gained weight.