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I had a chat with colleagues and we brainstormed a few ideas on how to remain relevant and enhance employability. Let me share with you:
We won't know when an explosion in our career may occur
1) Broaden your horizons
One of the key points to note is to try your best to get exposed to different industries and applications when you are young. Staying in one industry for 20 years might be good for bonuses but it may be restrictive when the industry is undergoing retrenchment when you are 45 years old. By that time, you can't switch to a different industry because nobody is going to match the pay with your zero background knowledge. For example, the Oil & Gas industry is not doing well right now and there are major job cuts around the world and it might not be easy to switch industry.

2) Keep your connections
This is what most people know, that a network of people in the industry is important. If you know people higher up, then even better. The thing is, we should also remain connected to the head hunters and recruiters. They will be more active in looking out jobs for you as their pay is directly linked to your job hop. Not to forget, ex-colleagues of the same industry will be able to provide good information to you too.

3) Update your job profile
Some people are just plain lazy, they do not even have a LinkedIn account. It is not surprising that recruiters, HR managers and potential employers are searching around looking for the ideal candidate on LinkedIn. I have received quite a number of useful contacts and relevant job requests so I really find it useful. Complete your job description and get a good photo, you never know when opportunity comes knocking and we should increase our chances to secure it.
Oh please, not this kind of photos!
4) Be in the loop
This is in terms of reading about news. Macroeconomics affect all of us, no matter what industry you are in. For people in the F&B and medical industry, perhaps you are immune to retrenchment but being updated with current news will be good during interviews too. Not to forget that companies may shift their manufacturing elsewhere and some departments may no longer be necessary. If your industry is not doing well then it's good to know earlier and get a head start on job hunt instead of waiting for the axe to fall.

All these may not be able to grant you a job in times of need but it will definitely boost the chances. Let's work on ourselves and not rest on our laurels for the sake of our future! 


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  1. thanks... been thinking of point #1 and #2 since beginning of the year...

    ironic, I ran into someone the other day at a customer's, someone who had been mean to me many years back when I was really green, but today we stand as equals. I just treated her like an old friend that I haven't met in a long while, and it made me feel genuinely happy inside to see her.

    1. Hi CP,

      Good that you are thinking of your long term career. Yeah there are many people out there looking down on newbies but we must persevere longer than them and prove them wrong. Hehe. Great that you don't feel any animosity towards her!