A shouting incident

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It was a normal day. My family and I were having zichar dinner in a neighbourhood restaurant. Not high class at all but there was air con so it's quite a comfortable setting.

Then suddenly, we all heard a loud shout: "You think we stupid is it? Are you saying we are idiots?"

This was spat out by a father carrying his toddler daughter. The incident happened because he and his family felt that the crabs were not fresh, but yet they finished the whole plate of crabs. The chef came out to explain that there should be no problems with the crab. There was no evidence anyway. The manager asked calmly why did they finished the whole plate if the food was not fresh.

Those responses incited this shouting incident.

No matter who is at fault, I don't understand why the guy has to scream like that. Like a hooligan while carrying his daughter. What kind of example is he setting? Why doesn't he feel ashamed shouting like that in public? He looked like a gentle, family man but yet his behaviour indicated otherwise. If he was trying to show that the restaurant is unreasonable then he has failed terribly.
Definitely don't need loudspeaker at all 

The family was demanding at least 20% discount off the whole bill but apparently the restaurant gave them 10% only so they were unhappy. Seriously, it's not every time the customers are always right.

You finished all the food and complained after eating then demanded higher discount. It seems to me that the family is trying to cheat their way out. Maybe I am biased against the guy for shouting so I might have a negative view about them.

Even in my sales line, I deal with complaints all the time. Not all the complaints are justified and in some cases, the customers are just plain ridiculous because they are under pressure and would like to shift the blame to you. The first action to dealing with this is sadly, to apologize. Not about the quality or that you are taking the blame, but that you apologize for the inconveniences caused.

Let them feel that their complaints are valued and that you are willing to be responsible.

After which, you can investigate whose fault it is and try to reach a settlement. With the correct soothing tone, and definitely not with shouting involved, it would be so much easier to reach a conclusion in an adult and professional manner.

I am not sure what happened in the end but I hope the restaurant will not give in just because the customer raised his voice. Raising your voice does not mean you are right.


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  1. HiJes,
    The shouting is a high pressure tactics, as long as one is shameless enough, it is a tactic that sometimes yield results.

    There is no need to shout if one has a case, it is precisely there is no case that there is shouting involved.

    Lucky in my line, I can always handle complaints in the higher up manner. Engage, explain and if all failed, you might want to refer higher up LOL

    1. Hi SI,

      I agree that it does sometimes yield results and to prevent embarrassment, people might tend to settle for the easy way out. I think you are right, probably they also know they have no case so vent their frustration on the poor manager.

      Haha, I also do that, shift all the blame to boss. I thought you are a teacher, still can shift the blame? When you become the higher up, you are the one who have to deal with the complaints! =S

  2. Hi Jes,

    Sad to hear that your meal was interrupted by such uncivilised behaviour. I have witnessed such abusive incidents many times in various situations. Road rage. Fights among couples. Singapore might have become a first-world country but our people seem to still lack proper social etiquette.....

    I guess the scientists are right. The tendency to turn violent and attack is passed down from the cavemen to us. That's why there are still wars in this world :(

    1. Hi DK,

      Yeah, but don't scare me leh, I thought these uncivilized behaviour should be rare in Singapore. Or maybe our lives are too stressful so sometimes, people will blow up. But don't have to do so in public ma...

      Violent tendencies should be related to anger management but somehow the wars currently are more like acts of provocation. Very sad indeed.