Why some women don't invest

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One reason is the one that inhibits most people to not risk their money: Fear.
Money can make people irrational
The other reason is what I observed from asking all my females friends. It's also the same reason why some of them find no need for grooming or to maintain their figure after the wedding:

Because they found someone to take care of them forever.

The husband will have to find ways to grow their money while the wife just has to do the house work or continue to be a needy person that can depend on the men to bring in the dough. It's quite romantic, that some guy will sweep you away and you do not have to worry about any other problems at all.

It's also naive.
Only in fairy tales... 
I have so many friends who think like this even though they are more educated than their husbands. They are also more highly paid but it doesn't stop them from depending on the husband to mange their finances. When one of my friends told me that the husband is investing in Capitaland stock for dividends, that really shocked me. I am not trying to insult them but if the wife could also read up and discuss about stocks together, they might not have this wrong idea about Capitaland stocks.

Not surprisingly, most of my single friends are invested.

Women actually are better investors than men as we are always comparing groceries' prices and sensitive to such savings and this made us more cautious. This study also proves my point but also shows that women has less confidence in themselves and lower risk appetite, which also explains why the top investing gurus are all men.

I think if both parties can invest or discuss financial matters together, the relationship would be stronger. The wife should not be dependent on the men so much and the men might actually respect the women's opinions more. Nowadays, women are highly educated, we should empower ourselves to be more independent. That does not mean that you don't trust your husband to take good care of you for life, it just means that you can hold your own.

I am encouraged by this report that 69% of  Singaporean women are investing compared to less than 20% in Europe. It's not a good comparison but just an indicative number. I believe everyone can do their part in growing their wealth and should actively seek ways to learn more and invest, both men and women. After all, there is some truth whereby the men gets a fortune, he might spend it on other women or go Batam.

Be more knowledgeable about your finances and always keep your eyes open. 


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  1. Jes,

    I am guessing you are not mixing in the expat wives' circle ;)

    In my next life, if I had a choice, I'll come back as an expat wife ;)

    Blond, blue eyes, and with big big ding-a-ling-ding-ding.

    Let the donkey do the heavy hauling while I keep myself busy with Rafael - my physical fitness guru, Marcel - the swimming instructor, and Donatello - my tennis coach! Of course there's Dr Phil - my plastic surgeon ;)

    I'm a barbie girl,

    life in plastic,

    its fantastic!

    Don't hit the face!

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Hahaha, dunno why you like Italian guys so much... You missed out Alexandro the gardener and Alfonso the cook!

      Since we are all not expat wives or tai tai or barbie doll/ silver spoon daughters, so we have got to protect and help ourselves! How many of us can be so fortunate to depend on others, and also how many of them can be dependable? Ok yes yes I am skeptical... :P

  2. In investing, we like to believe we are right. For couple doing investing together; they may end up blaming each other. "Told you already. You no believe. Now what happen!". :-)

    1. Hi CW8888,

      Totally true. But in a way, the sustainable couples can work out their differences and respect each other's decisions! They can definitely learn from one another. Money is only a problem if we make it a problem.

      No money also fight, got money also can fight... fighting is good when it's constructive! :)

  3. What's wrong with investing in Capitaland stock for dividends?

    1. Hi there,

      Sorry for the delay in reply as your comment was stuck in the spam folder. Anyway, CapitaLand gives around 2 to 3% dividends but you can find many blue chips, REITS and other stocks giving higher dividends if dividends is your main goal.

  4. Huh Jes,

    Seriously, I know of a lot of girls who wanted to be "tais tais", who don't want a silver spoon at the second half of their life ? I guess girls have the third option of married rich while men only have "earned it" or "inherited it" 2 options. But I dun think I know of anyone who outsource "security" to their husband.

    Their husbands must be doing a great job n giving them a sense of security

    My wife super no sense of security ...

    Although I advise her what to buy and when to sell, it is still her account.

    She just gave me a treat when she made a trading profits of more than 1000, dividends no count ok!

    1. Hi SI,

      I think a lot of girls like the fantasy of not working and go shopping, drink high tea everyday but then, after a while, it will get boring! I understand for those who take care of kids but not those who do nothing every day... seems like no purpose in life. I am seriously curious and not jealous.

      Hahaha, your wife is smart, she is more cautious and scared you take more risks I guess. Both of you are well balanced so you have no fear of finance problems with such a smart wife! You give her a treat is normal, she give you a treat is bonus! :P

  5. Btw could your friend's husband be buying capital mall trust, but she can't tell the difference?

    1. Hi SI,

      Yeah, the first thing I clarified is about the stock price so it is really Capitaland. They see the amount is a lot but not by the percentage against the stock price... I can't comment much though so just *zip*

      Thanks for the comments!