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Shop and eat and shop and eat. That's basically what you do when you go Bangkok and staying in Pullman G makes it convenient. I did some research on the top food to try and here are my reviews:
Street food is always the best! (Source: wikipedia)
1) I have tried Nara Thai and it's not spectacular but I will be sure to visit Nahm Thai next time to compare against Thanying, which is my current best Thai restaurant.

2) Thip Samai Pad Thai Pratu Pi 
Best Pad Thai from online reviews. Opening hours: 1730 - 0130. Take a taxi from Hua Lamphong MRT station and it will cost you 150 Baht. The taxi drivers should know Thip Samai or you can show them the picture below.
The signboard
The systematic batch processing of food
I like Pad Thai. It's cheap, fulfilling and sweet. The version by Thip Samai is sweet without much sourish taste and it is the wet, soggy version. Quite different from what my Thai friends like which is the traditional sour, sweet and dry version. However, at 80 Baht, I think it's worth a try.

Not that sinful to have it for supper
Actually I am more impressed with their orange juice. It's the best orange juice that I have tasted! At 120 Baht a bottle, the sweet and lots of pulpy goodness has taken the spotlight from the famous Pad Thai. I know it's ridiculous but I just want to faster finish the noodles and indulge in my orange juice only. Nothing else. It's just damn satisfying.
The orange juice that is so full of pulp and sweetness
Let me know if you know where else this is sold
3) Baan Kanitha
Where the Thai youngsters like to hang out
Baan Kanitha is just at the right hand side when you depart from the ferry at Asiatique. It looks kind of high class and the food prices will confirm it. However, it's delicious Thai food so no complaints here. If you like Thai pineapple rice which is not what local Thais eat but is a dish concocted for foreigners, this is one of the rare restaurants that you can find it on the menu.  The food is really quite good.
However, I ordered my normal fried rice...
To go with the scrumptious green curry!
4) Taling Pling
My Thai friends kept raving about this restaurant and finally bought me here. I have to say the food, drinks and also desserts are really yummy and delicious. They have pretty special drinks like Aloe Vera Lemon grass and many others. For food, I don't really like massaman curry although it has been ranked by CNN as the best food in the world. It is too sweet but you can try the dish here.
I still like my indian curry better!
5) Mango Tango desserts
This desserts chain is well known in Thailand and always serve sweet mango and its derivatives. I normally just go for the traditional mango sticky rice but you can also try the mango pudding or ice cream. I still prefer mango topped with coconut sauce drizzled in sticky rice giving sweet and salty taste and not too heavy as a dessert.
That's their mango chandelier
Intoxicating mango sticky rice!
6) After You desserts
This is a famous dessert store and I had it after eating Nara Thai in Central World. It's located just across Nara Thai and near the cinema. Seems like everyone is raving about it so I have to try this. Prices are really not cheap as it cost more than 150 Baht ($6) for each dessert.
The menu that made me spoilt for choice
I do not know if I have too high expectations or just too full from my dinner. This sticky toffee toast below doesn't wow me away. It is too sweet. Sure, the toast was crispy on the outside and buttery fragrant on the inside but every bite is so overwhelmingly heavy that I can't eat more than a few mouthful. The ice cream tasted only so-so and just to make us believe that the price is worthwhile. I might come back to try their other desserts to see if there are other redeeming qualities.  
Thick toast for desserts!
This chocolate mud brownie tastes really average
Don't forget to try Thai Iced Tea (Cha Yen) which is available in most restaurants including here. They use coconut milk in it so it's extra fragrant and additive!
Picture not from After You cafe but it is always wweet, creamy and foamy!
A 4D3N Bangkok itinerary could look like this:
Day 1: Central World shopping + Lunch at Nara Thai + Siam square area + Rod Fai Market
Day 2: Some buddhist temples + Healthland Spa + Terminal 21 + Pad Thai Pratu Phi
Day 3: JJ Market + Union Mall + Asiatique shopping + Baan Kanitha dinner + Mango Tango dessert
Day 4: Walk around Silom area and try Thanying

Really had a wonderful time wandering in Bangkok charms!


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