Love triumphs

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It's a monumental time in history. America has legalized same-sex marriages so now you know why everyone's display picture turned rainbow over the weekend... even my sidebar too ;)
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What I did not know is that the US is actually the 22nd country to legalize it. These are the countries that have legalized same sex marriage in chronological order:

1) The Netherlands (2000)
2) Belgium (2003)
3) Spain (2005)
4) Canada (2005)
5) South Africa (2006)
6) Norway (2009)
7) Sweden (2009)
8) Portugal (2010)
9) Iceland (2010)
10) Argentina (2010)
11) Denmark (2012)
12) Brazil (2013)
13) France (2013)
14) Uruguay (2013)
15) New Zealand (2013)
16) Mexico (2013)
17) England and Wales (2014)
18) Scotland (2014)
19) Luxembourg (2014)
20) Finland: (signed 2015, effective 2017)
21) Ireland (2015)
22) USA (2015)

As you can guess, no Asian countries of course. We are definitely more conservative and will need perhaps 10 more years for people to come to terms with it. I think Thailand may be the first to do so and my lesbian friend will be happy about it.

Does it affect us? Of course, we may see more homosexuals coming out of their closets. We might feel uncomfortable about them kissing and hugging in public but mainly because we are not used to seeing them at all. Give it some time and don't join the haters club. It's ok to feel uncomfortable or amused like me but luckily, I have many gay/bi-sexual friends in the US and Thailand and even Singapore so I had time to adjust and accept them as who they are.
"Well, it's not a matter which I can decide or any government can decide. It's a question of what a society considers acceptable. And as you know, Singaporeans are by and large a very conservative, orthodox society, a very, I would say, completely different from, say, the United States and I don't think an aggressive gay rights movement would help. But what we are doing as a government is to leave people to live their own lives so long as they don't impinge on other people. I mean, we don't harass anybody." - Lee Kuan Yew
After all, Singapore is the place to embrace diversity and we generally leave people, even celebrities alone and mind our own business. Let's allow people to stay weird, stay different and hold on to your criticisms . Don't worry, your children will not become homosexuals just by seeing them display their affections in public. Similarly, you can't change homosexuals to become heterosexuals in this way.

We are who we are, we can't choose who we fall in love with. Can Singapore accept this law within these 5 years?

I certainly hope so.


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