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I don't think I would have been to these attractions in Bangkok on my own if not for my Thai friends. I would be too focused on only eating and shopping because that's what most tourists go to Bangkok for. Let me tell you more about these attractions and why you should spend half a day on them:

#1 on Tripadvisor: The temple of the reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)
Gold and shiny... pretty nice monument!
I took taxi (Read the guide on how to do so first!)to get here as my Thai friends said that the parking here is horrendous. Introducing the second largest buddha in the world
which is why no cameras can capture the whole monument upfront. I am not a Buddhist but it still is stunning to look at this big shiny buddha, his feet and the carvings on it although I don't get it. You will be in awe of the grandeur of it all. The admission fee costs 100 Baht and they give you a bottle of mineral water for it. Do remember to wear shoes that are easy to remove because you will have to remove them to enter.

This temple is the main attraction of this whole area but the rest of the parts are also interesting. You will see many of such pagodas... 
Tall, spiky and reaching to the heavens...
There are always some disciples reciting some scriptures in the park or singing out loud. Quite entertaining to watch them. There is also a massage parlour but my Thai friends said that it is not worthwhile as the price is quite steep. Not forgetting, the many many Buddha statues of every designs and his whole fashion line...  
So many that I tried to play spot the differences...
I think these are the most elegant and beautiful statues...
#4 of Tripadvisor: Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun)
I am pretty sure most people will enjoy taking this river cruise to cross to the opposite via a small shuttle boat. I think it costs only 5 Baht to take this 5 minute cruise across the river from the pier just outside Wat Pho to get to this scenic spot. 
The park when you alight at the port
You will frequently see these giant guardians called Yaksha that are also placed in the airport to ward off evil. They look pretty badass to me so I think they are doing a good job...
The majestic tower seen from afar... 
The main attraction is this spiky looking tower and is the only one you can climb up to see the bird's eye view. You will still need to pay 100 Baht to gain entry. There are not that many steps but these steps up are really quite steep and scary. I think you should try to get up since you have come so far, just try to avoid getting too close with anyone climbing before you...
Steeper steps than the Great Wall of China!
Look how steep it is... I was so afraid my camera would slip from my hands!
The view from on top is not much but is pretty scenic and good to work off some calories!
#5 of Tripadvisor: The Grand Palace
Getting back off the ferry, you would have to take a taxi to reach The Grand Palace. Unfortunately, not many taxis were heading to these place because it's too near but not near enough to walk on a sunny day, so we ended up taking a Tuk Tuk at a costly 300 Baht. I saw some reviews that you can take a ferry here from the same pier so it's a good idea.
The exterior of the grand palace
I have to admit I was not really impressed by this place. It's not as spectacular as The Topkapi Palace in Turkey and nothing special to linger, probably because I don't get architecture. It's only good for pictures and selfie and there is not much of a point, in my opinion. However, it's just beside the next attraction so just pop by to take some pictures.
I guess the taller the spiral means the more important the building
#6 of Tripadvisor: Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew)
I think it's quite a cool buddha statue being emerald and green in colour. What I did not expect is how small the buddha is, not like the reclining buddha. What I did not expect is how crowded it will be on a weekday morning, the heat, the shoulder to shoulder crowds from the queues to get in and all the way till the main attraction. And then you can't even get a good look due to the crowds and then you will have to brave the crowds to get away. 

I am not going to return to these crowded attractions but probably you should experience it for once. Seriously, the crowds pretty much ruin it for me so I guess I will head back to my shopping and eating and shopping and eating in my next post....
(Source: wikipedia)
Hard to get away!!


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