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I like that I can change phones every year.
The gold S6 that looks like silver (Source: Techstage at flickr)
All thanks to the Fibre Home Bundle by Singtel, which has become the same price as my old Broadband Home bundle. There is also a 30% discount for all our mobile bills as I have 5 different mobile numbers tied to my address. And of course, the yearly handset upgrade. They are making it so hard to jump ship.

I still remember there were super long queues in Singtel 10 years back and everyone has to wait at least an hour to upgrade to the new Nokia phones. The recent few years have seen vast improvements in cutting down the queues and within 30 minutes, I can actually collect my phone. Nowadays, things are getting even simpler.

We can re-contract online via
Hear, hear! 
What's so cool about it is that they give you free gifts only if you re-contract online. Things like wireless charging kit and dual usb drive when I buy Samsung Galaxy S6 and $30 off if necessary. As my mobile plan is quite expensive, the phone is free so I did not use the $30.

I was really amazed at the ease of doing everything online, taking my time to browse the specifications and colours and add-ons. The best part is that I can collect it any time from Singpost POPstation the following day. You can also pay an extra $15 for them to deliver the phone to your house.

Any time! (Source: wikipedia)
I chose to save the $15. To collect it from POPstation means that the phone will be deposited at this locker service near most MRT stations. They will SMS you the code to open the locker. Just key in the 4 digit password followed by the locker number and voila, the locker door opens.

Retrieve the package, close the locker and walk away. Any time you want as it is there 24 hours. A reminder will be sent after 5 days and they will hold the package for 10 days. No more queues, no more hassle.

I walked away a very satisfied customer.

I am very impressed by this Singtel and Singpost tie up and I think this has great potential for all delivery services. If you are a taobao customer, you would have already know of this collaboration. This prompted me to take a look at Singpost's stocks and I will definitely be adding it to my watch list. With online shopping being on the rise, I think their business will only get better.

Let's see if I can get in at a good price.

Disclaimer: Singtel did not ask me to advertise this although I hope that they would, haha. 


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  1. Hi, can I ask how long did it take to deliver to your house after you purchased?

    1. Hi Jenny,

      I did not ask for the delivery but picked it up at POP station after 2 days. I would think that delivery would be just as fast :)