Krisflyer Elite Gold and Business Class

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After 6 months of constant flying and spending more time on a plane than in a car, I finally got my wish.... my first gold card.

The Krisflyer Elite Gold... the moment when I could finally be a VIP.
Flying high...
Just think about it... The moment you arrive airport, you check into a counter where you don't have to queue. Then, you head into the lounge to enjoy your meals first before boarding. Waiting at the departure gate, you are the first to get up the plane. No more rushing for luggage space or exasperation when the newspaper has ran out. When you landed safely, your luggage is the first to come out of the belt due to the priority pass. You can get a taxi earlier and save even more time.

This has spoilt me. Badly.

Gold cards and priority luggage tags are waiting! 
I am going to get used to this and will probably hate the time when I am no longer Elite Gold after one year and go back to be a commoner.... or a non-VIP. It's not easy to get Elite Gold, you need to get 50,000 miles in a year.

For my trips to Vietnam or Thailand, the return flight gives less than 2,000 miles a trip. I will need 25 trips a year which is 2 trips a month to get it and that is a bit difficult. The easiest way is surely to take a business class.

Many people like working in MNCs because of this business class benefit. Me too.

I really think everyone should try the business class at least once in your lifetime. Just to enjoy your hard earned money and find out what the fuss is about. At more than $10,000 a ticket, I don't think many will bear to part with it. However, it's much cheaper to upgrade with your miles from economy to business class.

A one way upgrade to business class to get to Thailand cost only 15,000 miles, which can be achieved if you use Citibank Premiermiles card or DBS Altitude or OCBC Voyage card. It's sufficient to enjoy without cause major heart ache.
The meals are arranged nicely like in a restaurant! 
Coming back to talk about business class, I really can't feel the 20 hours trip as it was so enjoyable. They kept offering you food from the sumptuous satay to welcome drink to steak and seafood meals to fruits and desserts to cheese and biscuits and chocolates. They serve so much food that I can't manage to try everything.

Of course, the longer the flight, the more you will need the business class (Source: Wikipedia)
The seats are wide and can be pulled down to be used as a bed. The toilets are clean and no queues at all times and magazines are given for you to read. Absolutely splendid.

The best part of all? Not spending a single dime of my own money :)


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  1. Jes,

    You got a better deal.

    Our travel points belong to the company :(

    Just 4 round trips from Singapore to Copenhagen and the gold card beckons...

    Although we can't use the points to upgrade ourselves, with a lot of thick-skin, I'll ask for a "free" upgrade. My success rate is 1 out of 5.

    It's nice to enjoy the free airport lounge though. Love the pistachio nuts!

    Now? I guess I've adjusted quite well to life as a nobody. Travel in cattle class and hostels... LOL!

    1. Hi SMOL,

      That's not fair, how can they take the points when you endured so many hours flying?!!

      Hahaha.... I remember asking SIA about free upgrade before and they said they don't give it out even with empty seats. I will definitely try the pistachio nuts next time! =P

      For my own travelling, I am also in cattle class and hostels and saving every penny hehehe. At least we get to travel right?

  2. $10,000 for a day of flight, it's just hard to see how that is worth the money. There's so much more that can be done with that kind of money.

    But I totally understand the spoilt feeling. Experienced it too. Enjoy while it lasts I guess.

    1. Hi Lizardo,

      Yeah I can't even bear to spend $200 on a bag, let alone $10k on a 24 hours luxurious flight. Maybe if we have a million dollars, then spending $10k might be easier... who knows...

      Thanks, I am enjoying but I am not sure if I can get another chance on the business class. At least it makes me less resistant to travelling long distance!

  3. Wow wish I am in your position right now ;)

    My company has now reverted to budget airline... no more the elite singapore airlines

    1. Hi B,

      I think many companies have gone budget but I think SQ is better to prevent flight delays, baggage loss and also better in terms of safety. Of course, employers mostly look at dollars and cents only.

      Anyway, I am sure you would rather not travel and spend time with your family so you do not want to be in my position, hehe.

  4. Hi Jes,

    SQ biz class is so popular that it is always almost full! Upgrades is also always non-saver which use lots of miles.

    Biz class is so elusive nowadays for even MNC. Everyone is looking to cut cost! I am definitely not the lucky one to enjoy biz travel.

    Anyway the economy premium rolling out soon! Look forward to that.

    1. Hi Rolf,

      I am lucky to still be able to enjoy biz class, but you are right.. the trend is to go economy. I hope your company will allow economy premium for you then because once a company gets down to economy, they will never want to upgrade to anything else.

      You are right, that's why I said... business class is a once in a lifetime indulgence... Thanks for dropping by! :)

  5. KrisFlyer Elite Gold - well I have achieved that for 14 years. However Singapore Airlines really does not value you that at all. In comparison with other 'reward' programs it is just about the worst there is. If I had been a member with Milagage plus I would now have lifelong gold. With Qantas -life long gold too. Many other airlines would also have some form of acknowledgement of loyalty and consistency. However SQ really do not care about us, Treat us as exceedingly inferior second class members when you don't fly Business and First - SQ having the most expensive flights in those classes in the world. It is unfortunate that you can get locked into a program that changes its program and benefits and there is nothing you can easliy do about it. I have 100s of 1000s of points that I can never use, as they just do not release many reward flight seats to fly or upgrade. So if you are wanting to get gold benefits, join another Star Alliance member, and fly SQ and get the points - SQ actually give more points to other members of the alliance than they give their own members on their 'cheaper' flights

    1. Hi there,

      Yes I agree with you. I am dreading the days when I will no longer be Elite Gold but I honestly think it's fair not to give lifelong gold due to monetary reasons. Anyway, flying SQ always gives good service and food, not to mention more destinations around the world from Singapore. I will definitely consider your idea in the future, thank you for sharing!