SBS giving special dividend?

Jes 8 Comments

Not to all the shareholders.

Only to a selected lucky few and after more than 20 years of taking their buses, I finally got lucky! What do I mean by it?

Woohoo! Glad this money sucking machine is on MC today.
What are the chances of all 4 card readers being out of order? Yesterday was such a day! The driver just waved us in, saying that it's spoilt and no need to pay.

Everyone walked in smiling.

If only we could have free public transport once a year, it will greatly boost the 'Leave your car at home for a day' campaign. And hopefully make 'under happy' Singaporeans happier a day, that's a mini-start. Ok, I know the shareholders will vomit blood to see such non profitable occurrence. Just feeling lucky now... don't spoil my daydream =) Apologies if you are misled by the title.

And now, the ultimate question.... when will ERP be down? Just once, any one time will do... hehe.


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  1. Hi Jes,

    To my knowledge, ERP has the best operational stats - no breakdown over the decade so far.

    1. Hi SRSI,

      Yeah, never heard of ERP breakdown. But how can these things be so reliable.. I remain hopeful and await the lucky day :) #cheapthrill

    2. ERP can have a breakdown maybe wait till its listed ;)

    3. It's not called a technological marvel for nothing... haha!

  2. For once, I thought SBS is really giving out special dividend... you got me there... lol

    1. Hi Richard,

      Oops! This is how I lure you to read and comment hehehe. Sorry for the disappointment if you are SBS's shareholder! Have a good week ahead.

    2. I think with the new upcoming bus model in 2016 they may well be dishing out real special dividends this time.

    3. I agree but I am not vested in it. I am more selfish and hope they buy more buses to keep the timings regular. I am still seeing 13 minutes wait for peak hours :(


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