Janitor bequeaths millions to library, hospital

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Story from CNBC.
The little savings do accumulate... (Source: Wikipedia)
Hope this story can be an inspiration to everyone to start saving and investing early. Anyone can be a millionaire no matter how low your salary is and the main thing is to live within your means and keep on learning by reading. Hopefully, investing will also lead us to our millionaire dreams earlier.  


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  1. The Moral of the Story ...

    We can be successful in our investing. $1m is possible.

    1. Hi CW8888,

      Nice to see you again! Yep, it is possible although it looks far fetched for me. I hope people will continue to save and invest together with me and not lose hope! I know you have already reached it ;P

  2. Anyone can be rich if they have enough. No need to be a millionaire ;)

    1. Hi Weiqi,

      That's true. Rich does not just mean in financial terms, can be in terms of social life, personality... But most of us aspire to something that is easy to quantify so financially, a million dollars is still the goal.

      Happy Valentines' Day! :D

  3. we shd balance our life and money
    such extreme frugal lifestyle is not for me :)

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      Totally agree with you. I think if you are a millionaire and people mistake you for a pauper, it must be embarrassing! But, everyone has their own way of living and indulgence. We most likely earn more than him so we can afford to spend more and save more... it's a choice. Ultimately, #YOLO, right?!

      Thanks for reading =)