Banyan Tree Bangkok hotel

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Last week, I was in Bangkok for business and I had the chance to stay in Banyan Tree. It is classified as a 4.5 star hotel and is ranked #17 on Tripadvisor. It's not a bad stay overall, but it's puzzling why it's not even better for the price of more than SGD180 a night.

For a start, I can't find where to adjust the aircon temperature. I know I should call and ask the reception but it's pretty mundane...Thought it should be located at some walls but strangely, nowhere at eye level.

Anyway, the real reason why I will not go back to this hotel is that the power socket to charge my handphone is located at the foot of the bed instead of near the bedside tables. This is my first encounter of such strange layout, even though I have tried many 3 to 4 stars hotels. I hated not being able to read and charge while lying on my bed, and also not being able to snooze my alarm hehe.
Charging is located at the partition beside the toilet at the foot of the bed (Source: wikipedia) 
Another thing is about the shower. I know I am whining about trivial things but it's because I expected better services from a high class hotel. The towel rack situated at the glass door is usually facing the outside. For this hotel, it's placed on the inside. It is definitely not practical as the water will hit the glass door and if I hang my towels there, it will become wetter than myself. Weird design you see. Also the first time I see this. Maybe it's not to hang towel but used as a handrail.

My most hated thing is that the shower water temperature alternates between extreme hot and cold. I wanted to enjoy a hot shower but was denied after a hard working day. What's wrong with this hotel? Probably because it has 59 floors and I am staying on the 38th so the water needs to be pumped up, causing the fluctuations in temperature.

Doesn't matter, there are many more hotels that are cheaper and better in Bangkok. Anyway, happy new year everyone!


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