5 ways to save money when eating out

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It's the season of feasting and gatherings and holidays! Since it's the retailers' wallet getting fatter, why not think of some ways to get back some discounts and enjoy even more while feasting? Even with a fat bonus, one should never stop thinking of ways to save money.

1) Suggest places where your credit card can give you discounts
OCBC has this pretty cool page where they will list down every restaurants that gives discounts depending on your credit card.
UOB always has 1 for 1 dining deals and DBS Indulge does not lose out either.
Diet always starts tomorrow! (Pic from wikia.com)
2) Always ask which credit card gives you discounts
Not all service staff are so helpful to remind you to pay by the credit cards that have discounts with them. It doesn't hurt to ask them all the time because they might have some unadvertised promotions like PAssion card or NTUC card discounts.

3) Apply for membership cards that cost nothing yet gives you much benefits
Starbucks card is a good example to get the first drink free for every card registered and also 1 free drink out of every 10. Sushi Tei's membership is also cool where you pay $88 for the membership but they give you $100 in dining vouchers. You can also get 20% off in your birthday month but 10% on others. What's more, you can get membership points to accumulate even more vouchers! Most franchises do have some ongoing promotions like Ichiban, Oishi bakery, Coffee bean. Good to have if you are a regular.
Always room for desserts (Source: Wikipedia)
4) Try to pay for the group 
Or rush to pay for it first depending on how kiasu you are and how shameless you want others to think about you. Every cent counts and when you pay for the group with OCBC 365, you get 6% cash rebates when you dine during weekends! Or Citibank Dividends with 5% rebates! All these will be substantial if it's a large group dining out.
Thanksgiving Feast
Absolutely delightful to see a full table of delicacies!
5) Object to splitting the bill equally
When you calculated and chose only the cheapest main course, it's not fair to pay for others who also bought desserts, drinks and appetizers. Depending yet again on your friendship, it is definitely good to object splitting it evenly.... unless of course you are the one who ordered the most.

Happy holidays everyone and merry feasting!


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  1. Hi Jes

    Happy holidays.

    4 and 5 are usually something which I will not do. Even though you can get some great points by paying off first when you divide them equally usually it gets rounded off maybe to your disadvantage or worse still if any one person had forgotten to pay you.

    Number 5 is just nah. I dont usually eat the least anyway. :)

  2. Hi B,

    Merry xmas and happy new year! Guess everyone is enjoying their holidays and not so much blogging going on.

    Actually, if they are really friends, I wouldn't mind being disadvantaged.. after all it's not a lot and life is just too short to be so calculative.. guess you feel the same way. Heard rich people are usually very calculative so maybe we wun be rich... hahaha.