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Hanoi is a beautiful place. I heard that the most beautiful islands and beaches in Vietnam is at Da Nang though. Hanoi is more country side, have a lower population at 6.5mil (still more than us!) and have lesser traffic jams compared to Ho Chi Minh which is a crowded city of 7.4mil.

I was quite fortunate to be able to stay in the biggest room of Crowne Plaza hotel Hanoi last week. They upgraded me to the presidential suite as there are no other rooms available. The living room is enormous and bigger than my hdb flat. The bell boy was excited to see me as he has never seen anyone in that room before.  He kept telling me that I am so lucky to be in the room but I don't share his excitement at all.
Never really tried swimming in the hotels.. 
For me, a hotel room does not have to be big as I don't spend lots of time in it. At night, I will just stay in the bedroom and watch TV. Excluding price, the 3 main things that I am particular about is the bed, WiFi and shower.
Huge living room that I did not utilize at all 
Bed is definitely a crucial requirement, even expensive hotels can have too hard or soft beds or pillows that may not be suitable for everyone. Some travellers go as far as to get the bed brand of the hotels before deciding to stay.

Having WiFi is a no brainer. Some hotels have unstable network where it keeps getting dropped signals, some only have 1 router for the whole hotel so you are lucky if you stay near it. Some charges WiFi in the room and some only have it in the lobby. To be able to skype in the comfort of your room is a luxury that travellers from 10 years back do not enjoy. When I am alone, it becomes necessary to connect with others.

Shower might be a weird criteria in this case. I have experience those showers that alternate between extreme hot and cold temperatures, truly unbearable and make me dread having a long shower. Some only have hot water in spurts as they are pumping water. Some have poor drainage of water and I can be standing in ankle deep water which is kind of disgusting (Marti apartment in Istanbul). I know some travellers prefer a variety of TV channels, more free toiletries, good gym, nice spread of breakfast, bolsters, rain shower, bathtub, swimming pool... Many indulgences available. But if a 3 star hotel can give me what I want, which is big comfy bed, free WiFi in room and hot shower.. it's sufficient for me in business travels...

For my own travels, location would be the main factor, I can sacrifice the room area and WiFi, no problem. When you go travelling with others, most of the time you will be spending time playing cards, chatting, having fun... using WiFi will mainly be to connect with your family and inform them that you are safe or just uploading photos to social media. Location is more important to save time and cost in travelling around the major sites and soak in the local atmosphere.

What's your top criteria to choose a hotel?


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  1. Hi Jes

    I know it sounds weird but mine would be the mattress, pillow and toilet bowl. Hahaha a little similar to you but more specific. Hehehe

    Seems like you really traveled a lot!!!

  2. Hi B,

    Toilet bowl??!! You like those Japanese brands with hot seats and automated washings? hahaha. Now I am curious what you installed in your own house.

    Yeah, travelling is my job, at least once a month of it... and getting too much =S

    1. Yes!!! Those japanese toilet bowl is awesome. It can warm the seat, play some songs and entertain you while you are dking your uhm stuff.

  3. Hahaha... so happening! Your wife surely wun let you install in your house cos you will hog the toilet!!