I am flying without wings!

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"I never thought he would bring me out to do something this wild on my birthday. We are not together and this is one of the first few dates but I really appreciate that he did something different from other guys. I feel stupid saying this but I think this was the pivotal moment that made me decide to accept him as my boyfriend."

No, this did not happened to me. This is how my best friend related her story, which gave me an idea to try iFly out. iFly boasts of giving the same experience of sky diving from 12000 to 3000 feet. There are instructors to guide you and even kids as young as 3 years old and grandfathers as old as 103 have tried it, so it has gotta be extra safe.

iFly building just beside the beach tram station
The minimum per person is 2 skydives at $99 which is not cheap at all. But, real skydiving cost more at around $300 and what's more, you have to go Australia or some other countries to try it. Booking online for iFly is easy enough and saved me $4. Then you just have to show up at this place near Sentosa Beach Station 1 hour before your scheduled time. The hardest part is after registration, you walk up to the second floor and see other people do it. Then, reality hits you on how scary it looks and why people are so terrified to try. The little girl before me chicken out thrice before finally giving it a shot and enjoying it. How can I lose to her? 

It's good to pay first before you view it to prevent you from getting cold feet.

This is sort of on my bucket list as it's a simulation of sky diving, just minus the mind numbing and ridiculous drop off from a plane high above. My friends and even the instructors informed me that the experience is really the same, so it's a baby step towards doing something so wild. Arriving 1 hour earlier for the briefing and after which, they will lead you to change into this cool space suit. Please remember to bring laced covered shoes if not $4 will be imposed to rent their shoes. 

I went there on a Sunday noon but surprisingly, there was no other participants and not many bystanders. Had a good time doing selfie after changing and feeling fearful of what's to come. My palms turn sweaty just thinking about it. I try to think of other things and just go along with what the instructor said. Cross my arms across my chest, let go and fly....

And I was airborne.
My instructor trying to be funny behind....
Suddenly, I can see an audience watching me, taking pictures of me flying. I felt empty, carefree, exhilarated. Gushes of wind all around me, lifting me higher and higher then down again. There was not a moment of drop feeling. We have to find our balance for the first fly and stable ourselves. I just enjoy the feeling of being like a bird. The chorus of 'I believe I can fly' and 'Flying without wings' loop around playfully in my head. Then, all too soon, it was over. I did not realised it but I had saliva all over my chin. I was grinning like a fool the whole time and the wide mouth forced the saliva out unknowingly. 

The second time, I was looking forward to it.

They brought me higher out and tried some spinning. There was once they lifted me way higher than normal and pulled me down immediately to give me the drop sensation, pure adrenaline rush! I can't believe it's 45s as it feels way shorter than that. You can even top up $30 for an additional fly, and they will try out more spinning and bring you up higher.

After which, you can purchase the digital pictures that they have of you. I secretly took the pictures on the screen display near the check out booth but it's probably not allowed as who will buy the pictures then. I don't care, I saved $35 per picture and had a momento to remember this adventurous day.

So try it or are you more chicken than a little girl?


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  1. Hi Jes

    Good experience there.

    Ive been to Ifly a couple of times but just standing outside to see people flying. Mostly its because my wife and kids are around so I guess I dont want them to feel tired waiting for daddy to play.

    Ive been to skydiving experience in vegas and they were awesome. Those were tge young me but I guess I just need to do them one time. I wanted to do a bungee but I guess age is catching up and chickening out on me.

  2. Hi B,

    Woah skydiving in vegas must be real scenic! Is the experience same as iFly? Your wife and kids should also try iFly too, I bet they will love it!

    Yeah, the older I get, the more chicken I am so let's faster try out more stuff haha.