Family fun attraction - River Safari

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Price: $25 for adults, $16 for kids
Opening hours: 9am to 6pm
Included in my 4D3N itinerary for families 
Sleep more or you have their eyes...
The main attraction of River Safari has got to be the pandas, Jia Jia and Kai Kai. It's a great joy to see these chubby animals lazing around in an air-conditioned environment. Lucky creatures. I have seen them in Taipei Zoo upclose so it was nothing special for me. However in river safari, there are others animals that are quite cute too, like the squirrel monkeys, manatee and stingrays.
The stingrays.. I only think of belachan chilli to eat it.
The Amazon River cruise looks kind of adventurous but I went too late and missed it :(

You sure I can see so many animals?
What is unforgettable

I like that they explained about the different rivers in the world and how Amazon rainforest works. You will see an aquarium but it is different from the underwater world. The animals like manatee, cat fish and others are those that live in the rainforest when it floods.
The cute manatee with lots of blubber.. 
I like that the squirrels monkeys can roam freely, they will swing above your head and jump around trees... running around like monkeys, of course. So nice to be able to watch them up close.
Will it defecate on my head?
I like their cartoon-ish explanation that zoom in to the crucial points and is appealing to both kids and adults. Save boring long explanations for those that are interested.

Catchy and colourful signs!
I like that the crowd thins out in the late afternoon. Tip: Peak hours are normally when the attractions just opened. Visit it at 2 or 3pm is the best and a 2 hours' walk should be sufficient.

What should be improved

I do not like that there are no finger food stalls. People will get hungry and it is a good way to earn money!
More food pls!
I do not like that KFC closes at 7pm during weekends. It is located near the Zoo entrance so it closes 1 hour after the zoo. The rest of the restaurants and food court costs a bomb! Take for example, a plate of mee goreng cost $17... how to eat like this? KFC is the only reasonable food but it closes too early.. To the management, please do something about this!

I do not like that they do not proof read all their signs. I suggest that they can organise some volunteer groups every quarterly to spot these mistakes.

Can you spot the mistake?
I was kind of hoping to see some feeding shows or to be able to take pictures with the turtles will be more memorable. I don't see such events occurring though.
Alligator turtle..  the skin looks like it huh.


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  1. Hi Jes

    Great trip there.

    River safari is probably the only main attraction I hv not gone to since opening. I will want to wait for my kid to grow a little bigger before we can all go as a family :)

    And ohhh yeah the food there is freakin expensive. I ate there when I went dating years ago to night safari with my now wife.

  2. Hi B,

    Yeah I agree, it's better to bring your kids along, plus be sure to go to the zoo or night safari on the same day!

    Haha.. I don't get why they have to go overboard about the overcharging, even sentosa has cheaper food. Jurong Bird Park might be moving over there so hope they do something about the f&b.

    Thanks for reading!