OCBC FRANK vs Citibank PremierMiles

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As you know, I already have OCBC 365 card (local use) and Citibank PremierMiles card (overseas use).  However, I would like to determine if I should use OCBC FRANK card as my overseas card and replace my existing one.

Introducing the OCBC FRANK Card:
Variety of funky designs!

Highlights: 6% rebates (maximum of S$60 per month) on online purchases and NETS FlashPay. More details here. (Replace cashcard to pay for erp or replace ez link card that auto top up $50)
Eligibility: $30k per annum
Caveat: Minimum spending is S$500 a month, 0.5% on all other purchases or below $500 spending
Bonus: Love that we can choose our own card designs and application through ibanking is so fuss free! Able to pair it with OCBC 360 account.

Comparing with Citibank PremierMiles Card:
Citi PremierMiles Visa Card
New premiermiles card
Highlights: $1 = 2 Citi Miles (overseas) *$1 = 1.2 Citi Miles (local spending) is not very worthwhile
Krisflyer miles 2 miles ~$0.04 approximately (4% rebates)
Alternatively, 2000 Citi Miles = $20 cash rebate (2%)
Miles never expire, no minimum spending
Eligibility: $50k per annum of salary (I don't think they are strict about it as they called me to apply for it even though I have not hit that amount.)
Caveat: $25 for each conversion from Citi Miles to SQ Krisflyer miles (Takes 2 to 4 weeks)
Bonus: 2 complimentary entries to any airport lounge a year

My conclusion
I will apply for FRANK card to purchase airline tickets, book hotels and shop online. Will also use it as cashcard and replace my ez link card. 
PremierMiles card to pay for hotels that is paid when I check out and other overseas purchases. Will also use it if unable to hit $500 minimum spending a month. 

My choice.. Colourful jellybeans perk up my day!


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