How to lose weight vs how to save money

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I find that people always like to say that they can't ever lose weight. They eat less also gain weight, eat more of course will gain weight. I think there is a concept that everyone has to understand, that is:

Calories in - Calories out = Calories stored

You can eat lesser and lesser (like 2 salads 1 fruit), lower than what your body needs in a day which is around 2300 kCal. Initially you will see some weight loss definitely. After a while, your body recognizes that you do not need so high metabolic rate and will start to work less and . When you eat more than 2 salads and 1 fruit (not so drastic but you get the point), you will be eating more than what your metabolic rate can handle.. and that is when you gain weight.
Starting from the tummy! (Source: Wikipedia)
Life is so unfair for you to eat so little of the good food and yet gain weight.

What I propose is to EXERCISE! Calories out > Calories in = Lose weight

Of course, saying is easier than doing it. Everyone knows but being so lazy in nature, they rather take diet pills, drink those nutrition package and go for surgery then try out exercise, which will help you to lose weight, be happier, fight off menstrual cramps, look fabulous, gives you a sharper mind.... I can go on and on but you already know and those that don't care, will probably keep tuning off these reasons.

This is my theory and I found this article and also several others to support it.
Not for you!
To be honest, I am just greedy for sumptuous food and am unable to go on diet. I tried to eat lesser previously but I feel dreadful and hungry and grumpy and just want to be a bitch (Not PMS hor!) Exercise gives you the rush of adrenaline, the post exercise feeling of contentment, the satisfied feeling that you have worked out and head into shower... shiok!

Actually, this is a good correlation to savings (don't you feel cheated by the title haha):

Money in - Money out = Money saved

To get higher savings, you need to either increase your salary or decrease your money out, which is expenses. We cannot increase our salary easily, that is not something we can control besides working harder (also no guarantee =S). The best we can make out of this is to control our expenses.

We need savings in order to invest! In this case, it is Money in > Money out = Savings

This savings is not for shopping or travel or food, but just purely for investing (or emergency funds)! In this case, you have a goal and an idea on how to use those savings. Invest in etf is a good start (see previous post).

I know there are many out there who have to use up their savings and cannot bear to let it idle. They do not know what to do with the huge sum piling out. So they spend all away. But using it to invest is to get more money out of it, instead of just focusing on short term pleasures! I know, I know, long term is too far away, but at least have a goal to invest it. It takes only $100 a month to invest in the etf, unless you cannot afford it, then that's another story altogether.

I have heard of so many saying "Save for what?" So let's spread the word on this: "Save to invest."

Disclaimer: Not asking you to invest on all your savings either!


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  1. Nice to see more blogs from Singapore bloggers, especially on the 3 things, Travel, Invest and Cooking that are so important to our lives.

    I am totally for exercise, which must not be misunderstood as just an activity to lose weight! Exercising just to lose weight is unsustainable. You will fight a losing battle to fatigue, muscle aches, a tiring day, your friends asking you out, your kid calling for your attention, and so so many other excuses we can make for ourselves. I feel that the main aim of exercise is to keep fit and healthy. When you're fit and healthy, you reduce the money out on doctor visits, getting medications and buying health supplements. Also, you take less MCs and probably feel more energized at work which could translate to an increase in money in. More money in, less money out, alot more savings! What a way to invest in yourself!

  2. Hi supporter! Thanks for being the first to leave a comment and for reading my posts.

    Woah your analysis is great! Yes exercise allows us to multi task more effectively and also save on costs. Great point you touched on!

  3. Either you are very very tall, and/or are heavy at the moment to be at 2300 kCal for your balanced metabolism (BMR). Or, I suppose you're using 2300 kCal on the basis of exercise intensity? Hopefully didn't calculate wrongly?

    I had a similar post on this subject:

  4. Hi Lizardo,

    Thank you for reading so many of my blog posts in a go! I tried to assess your post but it shows that there is no such page..

    Anyway, I got the data from this website:

    It says 2000 to 2200 for woman and 2600 to 2800 for men so i just use 2300 on average as supported by this book too:

    Do correct me if I am wrong.. I don't really count my calories =P

  5. Oops. Didn't copy and paste correctly. Apologies. Here's the intended link:

    You could try Wikipedia for the explanation and various formulae:

    I use the Mifflin St Jeor equation to calculate BMR.

  6. Hi Lizardo, oh got it. I don't think the number matters, but can see it is significant to you since you managed to lose so much weight! It more or less boils down to discipline more than anything else..