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I got this in my hotmail. Searched online trying to see which company this was from, but saw another person posted this and feeling that this was a fraud. I do think so too. Firstly, the position is not specified clearly. Secondly, why the email of 'from' and 'to' is the same? Oh well, just trying to tell everyone to be wary since I am not going for it no matter how desperate I am for a job. This may well be another lucky draw scam or insurance or MLM and send to me when they know I was  looking for a job!

Do take note if you have received this:

1st Interview‏
From:Venka (
Sent:13 March 2009 21: 11PM
To: Venka (

Hi there,
You have been short listed to our first round of interview.
This is for the position at VF Group and we have perused your resume through a job portal and found you suitable.
The interview has been scheduled for you on the following date and time
Date 17th March 2009 (Tuesday)
Time 7.15 pm
Venue NUSS Guild House, Campus Room, Temasek Boulevard, #05-01, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
(Please go to Suntec Tower 4 and take the lift on the left of Carrefour [not the office block] and take the lift that goes to True Fitness but get off at the level 5)
Please note the interview will take approximately 75 minutes (1.15hrs, Inclusive of a psychometric test), so ensure you make time, thanks.
Attire is business wear for ladies and men with Tie, and be punctual at 7.15pm.
Please R.S.V.P. via email by 10am the 17th March 2009. No rescheduling will be allowed.
Please note all details of the company and job scope will be discussed on Tuesday, where you can make clarification and we can better understand you.
Also do be advised that this is a full time position and is not MLM or some Futures related position. Our organization is looking for Professional Executives for a full time position where pay commensurate with experience and performance. You have been shortlisted for this 1st round of a 3 part series of interviews.
Please take care and all the best!
Warmest Regards
Ms Irene

HR (VF Group)


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    1. Hi there,

      Not so sure because I did not go for it. If any readers have any more information, feel free to share with everyone!

  2. my interview place is at Six Battery Road, Level 42, Standard Chartered Building Singapore 049909, and position is stated as Business Development.. should i go??

    1. Hi there,

      I think if you have the time and are open to any jobs, you can take a look. If you do go, please let me and others know more!

  3. I attended this group interview today. We started off by taking a personality test before the interviewer began his presentation on the 'right' candidate whom the organisation is looking for. Midway through the presentation, we then found out that it is actually for recruitment of financial consultants for a well-known insurance company. I shan't reveal the company name but I feel that it is inappropriate of them not to be transparent and entirely misleading at the start with their email indicating as for the position of 'Sales and Marketing Executive' and turns out not to be. Now I understand why they did not provide any contact number in the email.

    Job seekers take time and effort to go down for the interview, some may even take leave from work. Perhaps the organisation may think this is an effective way to reach out to more potential candidates, but at the end of the day when the truth has come to light, I think it does not reflect very well on the organisation itself as well as on the leader of the team who happens to be the interviewer. The only take away is that the presentation did cover some of the current economic situations and the general mindsets of employees and why some people never earn the salary they want.

    Just sharing my experience so that you guys are well informed to make your own decision whether to attend this or not. If you have time, happened to be in that area or interested in this industry, why not? It is interesting to undergo such interview process and learn how they do recruitment.

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you for sharing, I think it is good for you to let others know about this scam and what they do. There will always a need for insurance agents but I hope people who are reading this do not sign up with them on impulse, there are plenty of other jobs out there so don't give up!