Do you like to work?

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Some days, my daughter love school so much she looked forward to going to her lessons even on weekends. Other days, she cried so much and clung on to us before her teachers dragged her away. The teachers also take it personally that she does not like to go to school on those days and asked me why.

When we picked her up from school, she was usually all smiles and happy and teachers also mentioned that she was cooperative and independent in school. 

I was puzzled so I asked her why she cried. She mentioned she love to go school but she can't bear to part with us, her parents. She misses us dearly so at the moment when we have to leave her behind, she cried. It's her way of expressing how much she loves us. 

Now that she is 3 years old, she knows it's not right to kick up a fuss or cry. Some times, it breaks my heart that she teared up, wipe off a few drops off her eyes from her hands when she watch us leave. No major bawling but just a few tears. So mature and yet so emotional. I took to asking her occasionally if she likes to go school.

One fine day, she asked me back: Do I like to work? 

It stopped me in my tracks.We adults, we never ask them, we just assume nobody likes to work. We work for the money, we work so that our family can get food. Work is just a means to an end. What most people ask, is whether you love the job, the company, the bosses, the industry. 

Never did we ask ourselves if we like to work. 

Luckily for me, after taking the pay cut and going self-employed at SnackFirst, I could honestly tell her yes, I like to work. In my previous jobs, like most people, I would have told her I don't like to work, but I have to work just to feed her or buy her toys.

I try my best to answer frankly for all questions even though she might not understand all my answers but I feel that honesty is something I can offer her. By treating her like an adult, I feel she is more willing to ask questions and listen to what we have to say. She is encouraged to ask things and we never showed any resentment for her asking about anything and everything.

I like her questions, so simple, yet so deep. The logic is also straightforward.

I am glad I can answer that I like to work. In this way, it makes sense for her to like going to school. If I don't like to work, and if she doesn't like to go school, she could express her wish that we should all stay at home. Since I like to work and have some place to be during weekdays, she would try her best to like school too. It relates to so many issues and my answer actually put her at ease as she understands that she has to go school when I go work. 

Do you like to work?

Do you cry and drag your feet in your heart when you have to go work? Take a minute to reflect on your job and ask yourself the root of the problem. If you approach work and life like going to prison, then your child will definitely be able to see the unhappiness and mirror after you. Is this what you want for your children?

Don't be afraid to make changes. Things will not get better on its own.


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