Losing Weight with PostNatal Massage (PNSG) Singapore

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Post natal massage is a therapeutic time for me and I was really looking forward to it. For my second pregnancy, I tried out PNSG (Postnatal Massage Singapore) to see if the massage through an agency is really better than those freelance ones.

Who is PNSG?
Postnatal Massage Singapore specialises in pre and post natal massage. They have a training centre and handles over 40 masseurs. One thing they put me to ease right away was the certification that all their masseuse will have. All of them are certified by Singapore Workforce Development Agency, and internationally recognised by professional organisations.

I had some backaches during my second pregnancy because I got to handle a toddler with a big tummy. Once you are pregnant, you will notice the child being more clingy as usual and want more hugs from you, which is why my back kept aching from the carrying. Normal massage parlours will definitely reject you as a customer seeing that you are pregnant, so the only place safe for the mummy and baby will be to go for accredited pre natal massage.

Contrary to their name, PNSG (Postnatal Massage Singapore) also offers pre natal massage.

Post Natal Massage Singapore Review

What is Pre Natal Massage?
Pre Natal Massage is to alleviate pains caused by pregnancy such as back pain, leg cramp and soreness. It can improve blood circulation, reduce water retention and promotes relaxtion but there will not be any massage on the belly. Pre Natal Massage is only done after 16 weeks of pregnancy and before 2 weeks of EDD.

Price and duration
1 session x 60 minutes : $90
3 sessions : $270  (Deposit $120)
5 sessions : $400  (Deposit $150)
Similar to post natal massage, the masseuse will travel to your house. You can also use 1 or 2 sessions of the post natal package on pre natal massage.

What is Post Natal Massage?
It is a massage aimed to reduce breast engorgement, increase milk flow, remove water retention, help in slimming down, improve blood circulation and pushing the womb back into place. Don't be surprised that your body will hurt the first few sessions. I also have a few bruises as the massage helped to expel the 'wind' in my body. If you have clogged breast ducts, Auntie will really press hard to unclog them and it will hurt but you will feel really good after which.

Not just that, Auntie also taught me the places to massage to improve milk supply, how to ease headaches and shoulder aches from sitting in front of the computer too much. For a demonstration, she pressed an area near my shoulder blades and my breast milk started leaking right away! How interesting.

How long after delivery can you do post natal massage?
At least 7 sessions are required to see the effectiveness. Post natal massage can commence at least 3 days after a natural birth and 14 days after for C-Sect mothers. Call them when you have delivered your baby and they will schedule the sessions consecutively at the same time for every week day. It is best to schedule them in the morning as you will need to wear the binder to tighten your tummy after the massage.

How long do I have to wear the binder?
Not just for a flatter tummy, a binder is also helpful in correcting our spine due to the extra load during pregnancy. Mommies need to wear on the binder at least 6 to 8 hours every day for effective result. For me, I think 2 to 3 hours is enough and better than nothing. The binders are all included in the package so you can continue binding even after the sessions!

The corset binding for a flat tummy

What to prepare for the massage?
A bed or mattress for the massage. They will provide a white cover to spread on the bed to keep it clean after your massage. You should get ready 2 big pieces of towels, 1 for you to lie on and another to cover yourself. Auntie will also require 1 small towel to cover your chest area.

What is the massage oil used?
It is lemongrass oil which provide skin firming and anti-ageing properties. The surprising thing was, it is not oily after the massage too! I do not feel itchy or sticky and can go about breastfeeding my baby after a quick wipe.

The effectiveness of jamu
This is the biggest difference I got from going with PNSG. They use traditional Jamu in the massage. Jamu is a combination of turmeric, ginger, and sometimes galangal, tamarind and other herbs.
These herbs are well known for its anti-inflammatory, cancer fighting properties. Some Malays eat them every day as a supplement while others use them regularly in confinement.

How is jamu used?
Pilis - This jamu is a mix of turmeric, galangal and mint that is applied to the forehead. It is said that pilis can help improve eyesight and prevents headaches and dizziness. It takes less than an hour to dry and after which you can wash it off.

Pilis on my head
Tapel - The jamu is mixed with some lime juice to help in expeling wind, reducing muscle aches which also leads to faster weight loss and burning of fats. This is done before you put on the binder, and the final effect is to firm and tighten post-delivery flab on the belly.

Tapel on my sexy belly

Baby massage
Besides the post-natal massage, a baby massage demostration is included in the package. They will also give you a bottle of baby massage telon oil for free. Auntie Diana started with stroking the back of the baby, followed by a massage on the belly to dispel wind. We can also exercise the calves and soles of the baby by doing some rotations of the legs. My daughter seems quite comfortable and relaxed throughout the massage even though it was only a demonstration.

What if I am allergic to jamu or massage oil?
Their cream and oil is suitable for all skin type. However in the event if there is any allergy or itchiness, the therapist will change other type of oil for them without any additional charge. Client can also change to use own lotion, or by wearing the binder without putting the jamu on the tummy.

Price and duration
7 sessions x 60 minutes cost $668 nett (Deposit $168)
10 sessions cost $888 nett (Deposit $188)
You do not need to pay for their transport fees or give them any tips, but please offer them some drinks. Do take note that all massages are done only during week days and you have to call them 1 day in advance to book the masseuse.

Price really makes a difference.

Instead of the ginger lotion I had for my previous pregnancy, I really like the use of jamu. The oil is surprisingly light and refreshing. The binder they used on me is new and given to me for free, plus the massage really could press the hot spot places I did not know could hurt. I like her massage to unclog my breast milk ducts as they really helped my milk flow.

Best part of all,  I can feel the effectiveness of the jamu as I lost 2 inches and 4kg through the entire 7 sessions! Of course it was also due to my confinement diet and post pregnancy weight loss but I can  feel a faster weight loss compared to my first pregnancy. Now I understand why celebrities would take up 20 to 30 days of jamu post natal massage.

I love massage and it is the best time I can unwind and relax amidst the cryings and chaos of the house. To have a professional I can trust to shape my body back to my pre-pregnancy status is definitely what I would recommend to all mothers.

Disclaimer: This article was brought to you in collaboration with PNSG (Postnatal Massage Singapore) but the reviews are solely my own subjective opinions.  Like me on Facebook to be updated on more pregnancy and family finance issues. 


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