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The rates when I got married 5 years back have not changed much when I compared to the rates of a friend who just got married this year. It was and still is too expensive in my opinion. If you got married right after you graduate, I am pretty sure you can't afford the whole Chinese wedding package and banquet without any financial support.

It is no wonder people are getting married later and mostly in their 30s.

For the pre-wedding photoshoot, it cost around $4,500++ (35 photos) and another $2,500 for another 25 photos. There will be free a few sets of gowns and make up for the whole day.

For the actual wedding day, it cost around $2,500++ for 2 gowns for the bride and 2 suits for the groom. You can also haggle to get 3 more suits for the parents or brothers. The flowers for the car and sisters are included together with the make up. Ampoule for a long lasting make up cost $130, outside of the package cost. If your mother or sisters also want make up done, it is an additional $300.

I went with Di Gio bridal studio and have an excellent impression with them.

I visited a few other studios and were not taken by their service. Di Gio gave an unforgettable service with personal assistance to you when you choose your gowns. I actually went down for 3 different days just to get my perfect gown and they are fine with it. As different gown designs come at different period of time, it is good to try some gowns early instead of scrambling for it at the last minute.

Nothing is more important than to look your best on your wedding day.

I am glad I chose Miki as my make up artist although I heard that Elson is good too. Choosing a female make up artist has its advantages because she can even help you with your gown. I was so blown away by her finished work because I looked natural yet beautiful. Totally stunning for one day! Best of all, the make up does not look fake or thick and unsuitable.

Even my hairdo was just right, making me look elegant and pretty. In the morning, I looked younger and cute. Never thought I could look cute though so you can see how impressed I was.

Many of my friends went there with great impressions too so I would definitely recommend them again. However, take note that it's been 5 years, I do hope that they did maintain their standards.

At the end of the day, after all the pretty dresses and lovely pictures, do remember that the commitment to love and take care of each other is the true meaning of all these fuss.
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  1. Hi Jes,

    Wah, so pretty :) Is that you? :)

    If I get married again, I'll follow your recommendation LOL

    1. Hi LP,

      You have seen me in person, you should know I look prettier than that! LOL!

      Happy to see you planning your next wedding! Though this will turn out differently when your wife sees this =P


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