Starting own business - A path of uncertainties

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It's a road with no known destination, no fixed path to walk on, no lights to guide you through. The unknown is scary.

What should I do?

I can finally understand why most people lead their whole life serving the corporate master and never take any action to start their own business. It's too overwhelming when you are given a blank paper to work on. What colours should I start with? What should I draw? What am I interested about that I can continue to work on it for a long time? What if I draw outside the paper?

What if I fail?

The questions kept coming. It seems too difficult, too arduous and your critical self kept staging a comeback. The uncertainty. The wavering. Suddenly, it seems foolish to dive head down into their dog eat dog world.

What if SnackFirst never becomes successful?

It's the only way I can understand and realise my own true potential. The fear of not trying is more regretful for me. I do understand that failure can happen at any time and for the first 3 years, I should not hope for any profits. I have to continue to sink in capital to make it successful. For that to happen, I need to have funds.

Where do I get the money?

I don't think the questions will ever stop and the urge to take the easy way out never really go away. The discouraging voices will grow louder every time an issue crops up and when sales do not come in as hoped for. Even more give up during this stage.

What if I go bankrupt?

If I have no money, I can go back to find another job or find part time employment. I can teach tuition, I can do road show sales job. I know I won't starve to death, I can find a job if I want to. Don't try unless you are ready for a tough journey.

What's the worst that could happen?

That is the only question I think is important. You will have to forge on, to brave the resistance, to fight through the mist and find your niche. For me, I kept telling myself that if so many similar Parallel Importers, coffee shops, food stalls, websites, delivery services can do it, then so can I. If so many disorganised organisations can do it, why can't I? Overwhelmed with so many defeatist comments and numerous obstacles, it seems like business will never take off. My worst scenario is to go back and find employment, that's not so bad at all.

Why not?

Faced with never-ending uncertainty, it's a risk I am willing to take. Success does not comes easy, it is not for everyone. Since I want to be successful, I will need to take sacrifices and constant doubts. The potential benefits far outweigh the risks, in my opinion.

Can I do it?

Maybe, maybe not. The only way to find out is to try.


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  1. Hey, was just wondering. You were working for a number of years prior to this full-time push into SnackFirst as a business. Did you manage to build up sufficient capital from your savings to fund this venture?

    Sorry if I'm being direct. I'm following your journey with great interest to see how you do the transition. Can't be easy and I'm learning a lot from you. All the best with SnackFirst!

    1. Hi Finance Smiths,

      Actually this venture does not need much capital because I buy what I sell. My savings is to fund myself as I am not earning an income anymore. I hope I have enough but truthfully, it is never sufficient because I do not know when I can draw a salary!

      Haha, that's not direct, that's a good question. I would blog about the finances issue some time down the road. Thanks for the suggestion and follow on facebook, hope you will have some ideas on taking the plunge too :)

  2. Jes,

    Looking forward to saying hi to you in person this Friday ;)

    Will cofee tea or me be there too?

    Least you jealous I more interested in him than you, rest assured I'm just doing recce.

    See coast clear to do flirting or not mah ;)

    Who wants to get boxed in the face by a jealous husband?

    1. Hi Jared,

      Haha, he is not invited so can't ask him there. Anyway, I am sure he knows my market value has dropped tremendously after giving birth!!!

      You don't have many others to flirt with on Friday, hehehe! Looking forward to see your bald head... oops =P

  3. Jes,

    Tell me about it!

    I think you'll have more fun with all the alpha males there trying to gain your attention.

    Great! You distract them while I go for the food!

    See you soon.

    1. Hi Jared,

      Hahaha, I don't know anyone so you will see me joining you for food! Aplha males.. let's see if I can spot who is who. And I have so much to talk to you about, plus gossip. Share some stories about the others ok!

      Can't wait! =D