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 I am a snacker and I'd probably have eaten more snacks in my body weight than drank coca cola in this lifetime. Infact, I take my snacking very seriously because, calories should not be wasted on bad food (which is ironic because nutritionists would say, snacking in itself is bad).

Snack First is the place to go if you're a snacker like me, nuts, dried fruit, granola, cookies, biscuits and even crackers are part of their inventory. Shopping on their website made me as happy as a fat kid in a candy store.

I would have ordered everything to sample and here were my picks from their new product range!
Italian Spices Cashew - Name changed to Cheesy Cashew

Shiok Wasabi Green Peas


Abalone Creamy Macadamia


Satay Cashews 
I love how these snacks come in resealable satchets, which retain the freshness of these snacks. Well the assumption is they do not get polished off in a single seating. I particularly enjoyed the creamy macadamias though the wasabi peas could do with more wasabi.
The antioxidants medley is great with overnight oats too!  _____________________________________________________________________
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