Invest Fair 2017

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I am not sure why I even agree to this.

I don't talk much about investing of stocks because I know I am no guru. Particularly because I am no guru, this might just appeal to the 90% of the population who are looking to invest.

The organisers said I was the first they invited. I know why, it's likely because I am a female. It's not easy to find a woman blogger to talk about investing, I am a good example. I rather talk about finances, travel, insurance, food. Particularly food, it's easier to blog about it and there are so much food out there to blog about, plus people love to search for food reviews.

Finances issues are not sexy.

I am particularly skeptical when people dish out 'free' advice online. I feel people always have something to sell or an ulterior motive, because I am from sales. That makes it even more difficult to convince others, even my family. Money issues are always touchy and sensitive, how many would search for answers online and try to change their current situation?

In any case, if I can share what I have learnt even without being an expert or having achieved proven success yet, I am happy to do so.

If you are keen to listen, that is.

The topics will be on how to start investing and how differently we invest through the different stages of our lives. It's more like a casual discussion where we contribute what we think without right or wrong answers. Probably more suitable for people who have not started investing.

For people who are free next Sunday, join me and the other bloggers for this sharing session. It's free, no admission fees required. I am excited just to be able to meet them. I think it's a good chance to learn from them.

Check out the long list of speakers and the handful of female ones. Super imbalanced!


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  1. Wa! Superstar blogger!

    You're in good company with FFF, HB and MSI! Is this your first public event?

    If I didn't already have commitments, I would definitely drop by. Oh well, have a good one!

    1. Hi GMGH,

      You have gotta be kidding! Don't embarrass myself is now the top priority :P

      I know I am in safe hands so I will behave myself around them, haha. Yep, it's the first public event under SimplyJesMe. Never thought such a day would come, probably the first and last time.

      I am happy that you wanted to come, the intention is good enough. Honestly, I wouldn't even have bothered oops! Too honest. Thanks man, I am sure we will have another chance to meet up. Lots more to learn from you!

  2. Hi Jes,

    Gambatte! You will surely rock the sharing session one lah!

    1. Hi Unintelligent Nerd,

      As usual, you are just so nice. How I wish I have your confidence but your words did indeed give me a boost. Thank you! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Leopard,

      Thanks so much for dropping by! Just went to check out your blog, I was also from the chemicals industry, specifically the specialty chemicals! Small world :)

    2. Hi Jes. Indeed! It's almost a tiny sector in the grander economy.

      You mentioned was, so what's up now?

    3. Hi Leopard,

      I quit the traveling life to start my business. Still struggling but so far, a worthwhile experience. Kept wanting to blog about it but still not yet haha! Well who knows, maybe we already know each other in the chemicals world! :)

  4. See ya around Jes!

    I am surprised they invited me as well but im more excited to meet fellow bloggers like yourself. Hope can meet the rest too like UN and GMGH someday :)

    1. Hey B,

      Nice to see you dropping by! You must be kidding, you would be the first I would invite with your enviable portfolio and detailed investment tips. I am glad to leave the difficult questions to you :P

      So looking forward to seeing you soon!

  5. Oh yes, not sure where to post this. But keep up the post on your motherhood experience. I've shared your blog with a mummy-to-be in office so that she could get some info too. I'm sure it was handy for her.

    1. Woah, I am surprised you noticed my #familytalk posts on motherhood. Super happy that you shared my blog because it means I must have done something right. Thank you so much and hope to keep seeing you around! :D


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