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Am pretty particular about my weight ever since I embarked on my weight loss treatments with Han Dian 3 years ago.. but everyone knows I love snacking! However, snacking can be controlled too in small portions and opting for healthier options other than junk food such as potato chips!
One place where I recommend that you can get your snack fix is from a new startup from a fellow blogger called SnackFirst! You can read up more about her story behind starting up SnackFirst here!(:
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Anyway, I selected a couple of healthy snacks of SnackFirst recently and they arrived nicely packaged and delivered to my place! All snacks from SnackFirst comes with FREE shipping islandwide in Singapore and that is super value for money!(:
All snacks from SnackFirst have been handpicked from various sources and tasted personally by Jes and Lucas (the 2 people behind SnackFirst) before being added to their stores for sale if they were deemed delicious! Prices are also reasonable and there is a large range of both healthy and not-so-healthy snacks to indulge in!(:
The nutritional information, health benefits and ingredients can be found in each individual page of every product – this is a nice touch so you know exactly what you are purchasing!

Healthy Snack Range!

Here’s what I tried below from their healthy snack range:
(NUTS) – Greenfaced Pistachios Raw
(FRUITS) – Sunshine Raisin
(GRANOLA) – Addictive Chocolate Granola
(NUTS) – Sunkissed Cashews (Roasted)

Cookies & Biscuit Snacks!

Other than healthy snacks as above, SnackFirst also offers a range of slightly unhealthy snacks perfect for your teabreaks and sharing with colleagues and families! Note that mine are in sample packets as the usual packaging is in the 500g form (:
Just to mention – for the cookies and biscuits range, the cookies come with no preservatives or artificial ingredients while the biscuits contain no preservatives.
  • (COOKIES) – Amazing Almond Cookies
  • (COOKIES) – Delightful Bangkit Cookies
  • (BISCUITS) – Refreshing Coconut Crackers
  • Hearty Nut Bars
And boy, did they choose right! Every package I opened to try was fresh, addictive and very delicious. Would say they definitely tasted slightly different and tastier from the usual packaged nuts/snacks you get from the local supermarkets!(:
Will definitely share these snacks with my family and if they like it – I guess we will be ordering from SnackFirst very very soon!(:
Here’s wishing SnackFirst all the best in their venture – so far its looking good!
Quote “TAKE3OFF” to enjoy $3 off any $30 purchase!
Note: This is a sponsored product review but all opinions are of my own!
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From Jes: Food bloggers are usually quite snobbish, trust me I have contacted many! Mitsueki is really nice and friendly and so unlike the rest. With her nice pictures and personal touch, I am sure she will be more popular in time to come. Dear Mitsueki, you have got a fan here :)


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