Bye Bye Wisdom!

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I wonder how long evolution will need so humans can finally have no bothersome wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth were necessary during our ancestor's day due to the food being coarse and needed more crunching. Nowadays, there is no such need for it but we would have to remove wisdom teeth because they will cause pain!

Wisdom teeth usually erupt between 17 to 25 years old and I was so glad I got through the adolescent period without much thought on my oral care.

I am also lucky to have only 2 wisdom tooth at the bottom and none at the top. Alas, my wisdom tooth did not erupt but due to the slanted alignment of my wisdom tooth on the left side, decay is happening slowly but surely.

Thus, it was recommended to extract it and I did. People who have dental surgery after 35 years old are more prone to complications and took longer to recover. So, it's better to bear with it and go through the pain early. 85% of the wisdom teeth ended up having to go through extraction anyway.

Usually, the fear of the pain is more painful than the surgery itself.

I was quite worried but I was not really fearful of the pain because I know nothing can be more painful than the non-epidural delivery of my baby. I was pleasantly surprised that it was not painful at all throughout the surgery. Granted, the first anaesthetic injection was like an ant bite but after which, there was more tugging and pulling than anything else.

The horror comes 24 hours after which.

No, it was still not so painful because they give you strong painkillers. It was that my face swelled like a pig! Totally like I was punched on one side and my face seriously became deformed for 5 days. Going out looking like a plastic surgery gone wrong was not so nice so I switched my parting and left my fringe down. It did help in some ways, mostly as a refuge for me and to buffer the scary factor to kids.

I would even have scared any ghosts away. 


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  1. It is good to remove "unwanted" wisdom teeth.

    For NPC (Nose cancer) patients; they will remove all "unwanted" wisdom teeth and likely all molars and any other teeth deem not strong. All these extractions have to be completed and healed before radiotherapy.

    I did in two extraction including one surgical operation to dig out broken sharp edge jaw bone.

    Pain beyond word description; but temporary drown by strong pain killers and cycle slowly back again. :-)

    1. Hi Uncle CW,

      I missed your post talking about NPC previously. Sorry to hear about that, but glad you are ok and commenting here :)

      I did not know wisdom teeth have to be extracted before radiotherapy and have to search for the reason why, which is to prevent osteonecrosis. Oh dear, I can just imagine how swollen your face must have been! Got photo? Hahaha. Appreciate the sharing as usual and continue to stay healthy ok!

    2. Including molars. All gone overnight. Bright side. Less brushing. LOL!

    3. Huh, then how to eat? Make dentures ah? Don't you feel empty? Haha :P