My la la land clarified!

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From my part 1 and looking at the comments, initially I was indignant. Why are you guys not supporting me?

However, on a closer look, I am happy that you cared, no sarcasm whatsoever. It would have been worse if nobody have commented. You guys gave me good and sound advice and cautioning me against throwing everything into the wind.

Thank you for caring and sharing!

Anyway, I realised I was not clear in my writing and gave people the impression that I wanted to not work and relax at home. In another words, being a typical millennial.

My American colleagues said that more millennials are staying with their parents until 30 years old. They don't work, just use their parent's money to travel and blog whole day. They just want to enjoy and yolo.

I don't think I am like that. First of all, my funds are from myself and none come from my parents. I still contribute to them and we are not rich. Secondly, I am not one to shy away from pain (no epidural!) or hardship (no confinement nanny!). Last but not least, I am not trying to slow down or enjoy and be a tai tai. I like to work rather than stay at home and be bored to tears.

But I want to work for a purpose.

This purpose can be my business or can be a job that I like. My ultimate goal, which is perhaps 20 years down the road is to work for something that I want, which makes it seems like not work at all. Maybe doing consulting or managing a small business. But I hope to take steps towards accomplishing that.

Retirement is not just stopping and sleeping at home for me. It is more of doing what I want, what I like but not earning so much anymore. It is to be able to get rid of annoying boss and crap politicking if I want to.

I understand I may be in my la la land. Maybe such aim is not possible but I need to know what I gotta do to get there. Probably starting a side income job is safer and less risky. It's going to be more working hours and there is a 90% chance of failure and I am prepared for that.

Hope you guys will finally support me in this train of thought. Welcome more advice on this :)  


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  1. Jes,

    This is better.

    No one with fire in their bellies practice asking for "permission" for what they intend to do ;)

    Think about what you are doing. Seeking affirmations from people you hardly knew in person?

    We may have a on-line relationship with you; but that's not comparable to people who really matters.

    The most important person is coffee tea or me. I would think his one nod outweighs a million "likes" or "you can do it!" that you can fish online ;)

    Next in the packing order would probably be parents (don't ask me about in-laws as that's a whole can of worms) and siblings.

    Its not about asking their permissions or blessings. Its more keeping people that matters in the loop so they don't think you have gone bonkers or is suffering from postnatal depression...


    Now chant after me:

    I am Power.

    I am Liberation.

    I am Woman!

    You can add "Wonder" in front of Woman but best to do it behind closed doors...

    1. Hi Jared,

      As usual, you are as insightful as ever. Although we only communicate online, you do know me more than you think :) At least don't stereotype me with millenials, haha!

      Spot on, man! I am not seeking affirmation nor am I a person to seek it. If I want it, I do it so I am doing it. It's not approvals or likes that I seek, it's more for readers to know my reasons on why I would embark on this difficult journey. And also to sort out my thoughts and clarify my reasons for doing so. If someone can convince me that starting own business is really bad then I would appreciate knowing the bad side of it too!

      So all the doubts and comments are good, if I can explain it well then it means my purpose is clear :)

  2. Quote : "Retirement is not just stopping and sleeping at home for me. It is more of doing what I want, what I like but not earning so much anymore. It is to be able to get rid of annoying boss and crap politicking if I want to."

    No. I didn't sleep longer!

    Just no need for morning alarm clock and life without bosses are better.

    1. Hi Uncle CW,

      Haha, I have a human alarm clock that will sound loudly every early morning no matter which day it is. Starting own business means the customers are my boss, which means more demands from me. I am not disillusioned about gaining freedom, but I think if I don't go down this path, I will never know what is life on the other side.

      Thinking is not my style, doing it and not wasting time is more like it. Failing fast is ok, as long as I gained something from this lesson. Thank you for dropping by and helping with my thoughts :)

  3. Just read part 1 and this, I've been wondering about this too. 1 possibility is to go 'traditional', back to the previous kind of company that you worked for, but this time, you own your own setup and run it with just a few products. That worked for many people in the past and might not be as successful today but its something I'm daydreaming about...

    1. Hi CP,

      As usual, we are on the same wavelength. It might not be easy because the product line may be exclusive so setting up my own company doesn't mean I will get a chance to sell something. It's not a daydream, it could be real if we take the right steps :)