The perks of being attractive

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I am not talking about myself, I am not so thick skinned.

My good friend looks like a regular girl next door with a friendly face and radiant smile. We went to a cafe to catch up once and apparently, she captured the attention of the manager of the cafe.

We sat there for hi-tea and after some time, the manager casually chatted with her and complimented that she looked pretty. How cool is it to have a stranger telling you their frank admiration? Obviously, I thought the manager was trying to get her number. My friend is single too so it could be a good match.

We finished up our food and continued to sit there chatting. Then, surprisingly the manager sent us a pastry to share, saying that it's on the house. When we were finishing up the pastry, he sent us a second one. Then two glasses of juice. I was enjoying the show because I rarely encounter such generosity and the food was really good.

But we were really just too full and did not want to impose more. So when my friend went to the ladies' room, I asked if the manager was single. He said he was in a complicated relationship so I just replied "Too bad." To be honest, I always think that complicated relationship is just a person's way to delay ending the overdue relationship.

We bought some food as takeaway and the manager still gave us 2 extra pastries. Incredible, I wonder what was his limit to giving away free food to pretty ladies. Anyway, I don't understand his motive since he did not want her number. I think perhaps he just wanted to show his appreciation or make us come back the next time.

My friend was truly embarrassed and did not think that she could attract so much attention from a stranger. However, I informed her that 各花入各眼 so it does not mean that only those who wear provocatively or put on heavy make up will get admirers. Coincidentally, Baidu gives this meaning on  各花入各眼: 所谓各花入各眼,没有必要去强求,只管绽放你独有的幽艳,总有惜花之人看得见,要相信这个世界总有一个人是为了等你而存在。Lovely way to put it.

I joked to my friend that her looks is worth 4 pastries and 2 cups of juices. How nice to be an attractive lady. How nice to be her friend too =P


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  1. sometimes the obvious target may not be the intented target :)
    heard of 'shen tong ji xi'?

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      You think too highly of me hahaha. Pretty sure the sneaky peeks and compliments were not directed at me. Don't worry, I am not jealous =P

  2. Replies
    1. Hi there, I am sure you can put your wild imagination to good use :)

  3. How I wish I am handsome enough to get free pastry and drink. Married man got chance for freebies?

    1. Hi FD,

      You are already getting freebies from your wife! Too handsome, your wife will also not feel secure. Or just get a handsome friend will do and stick with him =P

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    1. Hi Cherry,

      It's at Artisan Boulangerie Co in Metropolis. You are a foodie huh, straight away zoom in to the location :)