Simply Sales talk: Why everyone should try sales

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Just for a short stint even if it will not be your life long career. Be it part time sales promotion or insurance or even MLM. The skills that you picked up will be the most applicable in life. Let me go on further as to what the advantages of doing sales are.

1) You will be better in communication
Normally, sales people will have to come up with stories on why their sales numbers are better or worse than expected. Maybe it's due to the economy or competitor's marketing program. You will need to explain on why things happened. Of course, the stories get repetitive better after talking about the same things every year. Better in talking can also mean better in omitting facts that will be detrimental to sales.

Basically it's not lying, you just need to ask them the right questions.

2) You will be better in picking up bullshit
Sales people are the revenue growers, they are at the front line of the business and they bring in the dough. Proportionally, they get the additional commission and perks that come with it. As sales will affect their commission, don't believe too much in the sales people and talk to several sales people and you will get closer to the truth each time.

Knowledge is king so never trust any sales person fully.

3) You will be a better listener
People like to talk about themselves. You may be surprised by how much you learn when you just ask them questions and let them talk all they want. A sales person has to find out as much information as possible to build a strong relationship and to know what your client is looking for. With a good relationship, you will get more information and details from them.

And you learn to become better in 'fake listening'.

4) You will have more patience and tolerance
It's never easy to ask people to part with money. But the rewards are satisfying and results are immediate and tangible. Instead of scolding the people who called you on loans, insurance and policies, you will find yourself more sympathetic as cold calling is a dreadful job. When there are complaints, the first line of firing squad is aimed at the sales people. I have been scolded for so many times that I am immune to it. Some customers do not understand that business is just business and will just come at you with personal attacks. Your temper and EQ will grow to be much better when you know they are being scolded too by their customers.

All these will make you a better person.

5) You will get to meet many interesting characters
In sales, it's never boring. You will get used to meeting new people regularly and find out about them and their interesting stories. Most of the time, they will readily contribute and give you some guidance. Other times, if they are quiet and solemn, it will also be entertaining to find out what makes them talk more.

Overall, it's not the standard face-the-computer job.

I am sure a sales job encompasses that many skills and is definitely a worth while trade to learn. It will be put to good use particularly if you are going to start your own business. Negotiating and managing people is a lifelong learning skill that must be learnt through the hard way.... by doing it.


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  1. Jes,

    Yup. I feel everyone should do sales in their lives too - treat it as NS or summer camp.

    Who knows? You may like it!

    If not, at least you can scratch sales out and not be tempted to jump into sales in your mid 40s (during mid-life crisis) when you start to envy your friends in sales.

    No. It's not EASY. It can crush souls and egos faster than the big white jaws...

    Why? It's meritocracy in its purest forms.

    Why put yourself to grief?

    Well, we'll know the jedi mind tricks sales people are using on us ;)

    And that can save us a lot on remorse purchasers...

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Haha, I didn't know people would be tempted to join sales during mid life crisis. Such a difficult option!

      Yep people always think you need to have the personality to do sales but actually everyone can do it, just need practice. Talking to car and insurance salesman is always a joy to watch... Really many Jedi mind tricks haha!

  2. Hi Jes,

    Sales + Marketing are probably the best money-making skills to have. Point no.3 is really one of the keys to successful sales. Listening to your customers problems.

    1. Hi Jerry,

      Great seeing you here! That's right, actually that's the main skill to learn to be a boss or entrepreneur too. Don't know how to sell means cannot generate revenue. Sometimes really hard to listen to naggy customers on a bad day :P

  3. Jes,

    I never been in sales, been I agree with what u said. The closest experince is selling charity coupons to a vegetarian dinner with my then girlfriend at suntec. We just each took a table. No ex ok, think is 15 dollars per seat 150 per table. After walking 3 hours I manger to sell 2-3 seats? She manage almost 2 tables !!

    She more naturally asking people while I feel very pie say... And then she look very cute la, think looks matter too in sales too lol

    1. Hi SI,

      Oh yes looks definitely matter. Can't sell anything if you look like loan shark or con man haha. You also kena your gf's charm so you definitely know why she can sell so much more!

      After some practice, the points that make people convinced will be obvious and honing your speech to hook them becomes easier. So glad you had a good experience after all! :)

  4. Hi Jes,


    All those who have been in a stage of wooing their the other half before have already tried sales!

    Good to promote sales job here!

    I think character n suitability is still impt as I have said in my previous comments.

    I was once told "The most difficult thing in a job is to convince people to part their money from their pocket n put in the trust of u!

    Frankly there many type of sales jobs. Catalogue sales vs customized solution sales!

    Sell to consumers or corporate clients!

    Sell n get cash of delivery immediately or sell sign a contract n have many terms of conditions and final payment can be settle even after years!

    Then selling at thousands is different from selling at millions!

    Distributor sales vs direct selling or going thru agent?

    I once mentioned to my more junior colleague (not necessary younger in age) in my trade of sales where long term client relationship is important, "you need to constantly create an opportunity to help ur clients"!

    my summary for a successful sales guy/gal which is my past common interviewing question that most people did not comply!
    they always say must be good talker... aggressive, motivation etc..

    To me:

    - Integrity at all times! cannot be swayed by short term gain only! then naturally u have brand, reputation established n also ur personal name in the industry.

    - sincerity. if wrong must be honest n accept mistakes! People can sense one! Client r not stupid if u start selling things in millions!

    - it's all about building an experience for clients and relationships, coming back for more!

    - it's all about how we handle people!

    I m sure u will go very far!

    1. Hi Rolf,

      Congratulations, you just got the longest-comment award haha! This means that you also have a lot to contribute regarding sales stuff.

      Yes I agree character and suitability is important for sales person to go far. For those not suitable can also try... after all we see so many people that are not cut out for sales but can also do sales as a career.

      I think your boss has good foresight as he knows that you are suited to do sales based on the criteria you mentioned. Both hands up for sincerity because it's really sorely lacking in some people.

      You think too highly of me, I am still learning especially from your experiences. Keep them coming! :)

  5. Hi Jes,
    All i know is in sale or not in sale, once we open our mouth, we are all selling "something".
    Even by being here saying something, i am already trying to sell something.
    We all sell and buy every day, actually.
    It doesn't have to involve with money.
    Only some people can do it so much better than others.
    Especially those in the sale line.
    More practices make perfect.

    i know a sale-man who shares that he talks so much in his daily work, that he will try to keep as quite as possible when he is home.
    So is he suitable for sale line?
    Ha! Ha!

    1. Hi Temperament,

      Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes selling to strangers might be easier than selling to familiar people haha!

      I don't know, maybe his mouth is tired after talking the whole day or maybe he has a lot to share at work but not at home. Either way, it's too extreme. 'Selling' at work is so different from 'communicating' at home!