The emperor's new clothes

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Having watch the Nanta show in Seoul and the AO show in Ho Chi Minh, I was thinking why not try being a tourist in my own country and watch a local play. I found that for this period, there is this play called 'The emperor's new clothes' produced by Wild Rice.
Starring Benjamin Kheng and Sezairi Sezali
I bought the cheapest ticket at around S$55 after 10% discounts from OCBC, it's around the same price as Nanta and cheaper than Cirque du soleil shows which are frequently shown in Singapore. Not knowing what to expect and also not knowing that National Library actually has a drama theatre inside it, I went for a night of relaxing fun. I was seated on the third storey and still able to catch a good view.

Warning: This is not that suitable for foreigners.

Colouful costumers and melodious singing
I mentioned this because there are so many colloquial forms used in the show, including Singlish, Hokkien, Malay and also Cantonese and Chinese. If you do not understand some, maybe you can't get some of the jokes but it's ok. There are more scenes poking fun of our locals and our way of life. There is also a parody of Singaporean actress which I am not going to say who to avoid spoiling the show, and I can tell you, I especially like Audrey Luo (The empress) in her convincingly hilarious performance. I was laughing like mad the whole way but seems like the Caucasian sitting beside me did not enjoy it the way I did.

It did not hurt to get to see heart throb Benjamin Kheng (The Sam Willows) and rising star Sezairi Sezali singing catchy melodies. Granted, they can sing more than they can act but Lim Kay Siu (The emperor) and Audrey Luo did more than just saved the show.
Some sort of tribute to SG50 
And did the emperor really strip? Haha, I will leave it to you to find out although I do not earn commission for advertising this. I would just like to show support to a terrific local play and let Singaporeans know that there are some cool things to do in their own country.

I am truly a new found fan of Singapore's plays!


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  1. Thanks to your enthusiastic post I bought tickets right away and to my surprise my entire family (including my teenage boys) enjoyed the show.
    Despite being an Ang Moh I managed to catch most of the jokes. Admittedly some only after some reluctant explanations by my knowledgeable kids.

    1. Hi Tacomob,

      Hahaha, you are the enthusiastic one! Never thought someone would snap into action so fast and watch the show. Luckily you have your knowledgeable kids to guide you... I hope they are of age to comprehend those quite adult topics. Glad you did enjoy yourself :)


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