Bangkok blast 2015

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It was one of my work trips to Bangkok and a tiring Monday after my arrival there. Work ended early and I was deciding where to go for dinner alone. I usually go to Central World for dinner as I could take my pick on Nara Thai, Maisen or many other restaurants. It's a good place to relax and walk around or people watch.

The land of smiles turned to land of fear and trepidation
On this day, I had a craving for Thanying so I did not go to the Central World area to shop and linger. And oh boy am I lucky! Little did I know this change in craving may have saved my life!

I heard a loud sound when I was back in my hotel room but I did not know what it was because there was thunder on that night. I totally would have been near the bombing site at 7pm, maybe waiting to take taxi or still walking around. I might have been there, witnessing some gory sights, running away or bombed to pieces.

I was really lucky.

After my Thai friend called me to check on my well being and I have reassured my family of my intact pieces, I felt a cold chill of fear gripped my heart like never before.

It could have been me.

Things like this can't be avoided but I just never thought I would have such a close shave on bombing incidents. After all, Singapore is much safer and loud sounds are attributed to fireworks or dropped things...

Never a bomb.
The scenic and popular river cruise 
I am really sad that Melissa was not as lucky as me, and my deepest condolences to her family. There is another lucky news: On Tuesday, a pipe bomb dropped into the river after rebounding from a ferry at the pier I previously took to go Asiatique. Really hope that these senseless killings would stop because right now, I can only stay in the hotel room and not go anywhere as Silom road is one of the dangerous areas too.

My Thai friends were sad that they have to stay indoors for a few months like so many times before. It is becoming 'normal' to them to be in such situation and they see no end to this political struggle. Hope people residing in Bangkok will stay safe and not take any risks! It's not worth it!


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  1. Good that you are safe and happened to have avoided the area. Maybe an angel was watching over you. No innocent people should have lost their lives that way.

    1. Hi Gideon,

      I think someone was definitely watching over me, I still do not know why I changed my mind at the last minute. Indeed, totally disgusted by the senseless killings. Life is hard enough as it is... sigh.

      Enjoy your week ahead!

  2. Jes,

    It's moments like these that we pause and take stock of our lives.

    What if our number was up and we go just like that?

    I had a near drowning experience, nearly electrocuted myself trying to fix a switch (got scolded by electrician!), and had 2 near misses crossing the road...

    That's why I am a grasshopper today :)

    Yes, wear that nice dress; don't wait for a special occasion ;)

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Not sure why but I think I know more about you from your comments on my blog... all these informative little nuggets of details :)

      I was thinking about my regrets if something had happened and surprisingly, I have no such flashes. I must be enjoying myself quite a lot or doing something right. I just feel fortunate to be able to live for 28 good healthy years.

      You had 48 awesome years, you are luckier. I think you should try not to jaywalk any more.. you may have another 48 great years ahead :P

  3. Just glad that u are back home safe and sound :)

    1. Thanks Jimmy!

      You cheered me up considerably.. now I am feeling less afraid. Hope there are no more bombs :)

  4. Replies
    1. Hi CW,

      I think is grasshopper exterior with interior DNA like a cat.... hahaha!

  5. Hi Jes,

    Glad that you are safe and sound. I visit BKK regularly and I can identify the places you mentioned. It's a beautiful country and I hope to go back soon.

    1. Hi Derek,

      Long time no see! Thank you for the concern... I hope you would not go back soon because the whole country is still on high alert. The good thing is all the attractions are pretty empty right now. Sad that their economy is going to suffer because of this :(