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It's the best time to visit Thailand as the exchange rate is at an all time low!
View from my room... the Silom area
I think the number of times I have visited Bangkok in a year is more than the number of travelling trips an average person take in a year. The Pullman G Hotel is like my second home now after I switched over from Banyan Tree Hotel in my last review. From Suvarnabhumi (pronounced with a silent 'i') airport, taxi costs at most 400 Baht, including toll. Here is why I like Pullman:

The Good
1) It is along Silom road with all the street shopping
Whatever you want to buy is more expensive here but it is still fun to walk around and check out the stalls selling t-shirts, watches, underwear, toys, paintings, wood carvings, lamps, scarfs, caps, handmade soap, scents and even sex toys. Walk further straight and Pat Pong is there for your night activities.Walk even further for another 5 minutes and you will reach Thaniya Road which has a whole row of Japanese restaurants. Stay long enough and you can check out the Japanese man ogling at the Thai hostesses along the streets. Pretty fun to watch and not at all dangerous.

2) Less than 10 minutes walk from Chong Nongsi BTS Station.
Some people claimed it's 2 minutes but depending on your strides, it's a maximum of 10 minutes. From there to Central World area (Get off at Siam BTS but have to walk another 15 minutes to get there) is only 3 stops away and cost 20 Baht each but taking taxi can be cheaper (less than 50 Baht) if you have 2 or more people travelling together, provided there is no traffic jam.
Fares for BTS
3) Excellent breakfast
They have the best French toast, I am not kidding, I have never eaten such crispy and sinful French toast before. The guests that I brought along all agreed that they serve better than average breakfast so I am not biased.

4) Le Club Accor Points
This is applicable only if you travel frequently and stay in this organisation's hotels including Novotel and Sofitel. For business travellers like me, we can get free upgrades and that's good enough for me.

5) Near some good restaurants
Twenty Five Degrees burger bar is the one at the lobby of the hotel. They serve excellent burgers particularly the Number 1 burger which is really nice for 330 Baht (S$13).
Just don't buy the wings... it's not as nice
From the hotel, turn left from 2 cross junctions twice and you will see the famous Somboon Seafood restaurant. They serve great fresh crabs and prawns with good efficiency. Do try the curry crab which is a specialty in Thailand and served in most seafood restaurant. Price is not as cheap compared to those in Yaowarat but I think we are paying for the convenience too.

I would shout it out if I could: I think that Thanying tastes much better than Nara Thai and I think it's the best Thai restaurant that I have tried. My Thai friends said I have taste buds like Thai because most foreigners would prefer Nara unlike them. Ok to be fair, Nara Thai has yummy curry soft shell crab and tasty fried chicken in shrimp paste. I think their mixed appetizers, called Hors D'oeuvres ruined the meal as it was so dry and cold and horrid. I will try their food again but you can eat them in Singapore anyway.
Pad thai in Nara is only soso... boat noodles would be their specialty
The horrid, distasteful Hors D'oeuvres
Coming back to Thanying, it plays host to Goh Chok Tong and other political figures because I saw their pictures there. It serves genuine, royal thai cuisine but is not linked to the Thanying in Singapore. Don't worry, 2 person's bill only came up to 900 Baht (S$36) but it's 1500 Baht (S$60)in Nara. What is so good about Thanying's food is that the taste is more refined, subtle and yet flavourful. I had the pineapple fried rice, which is done just rice and mixed with their famous green curry..... heavenly!
Delicious fried rice with pineapple cubes
Try it if you have the chance and see if you agree with me. Anyway, Thanying is only a 20 minutes walk away, just follow the google maps to get there.

Squid in crispy fried onions... great freshness!
The decorations fit for royalty
6) Quiet
I took the serenity and peaceful night for granted until my colleague complained about the noisy traffic when he stayed in another hotel. I slept so well and fully rested for work everyday.

The Bad
1) The elevator
This is the puzzling part because not many people will complain about this. To clarify, there is this LED screen in the elevator where a meaningless video keeps playing on the screen. Sometimes, it's a lady playing ping pong, another time she is dancing, and then she morphed from white swan to black devil.

Sometimes the screen gave me a shock because I saw the black devil part. I have to mentally prepare myself first before the elevator door opens. Sometimes I thought there is no video to scare me then suddenly a stranger stepped out of the all-black elevator and shocked me. My heart grows stronger after that, haha.

A stranger once complained about how weird the screen is. I responded, saying that it is indeed creepy. He said he will include my comments in his review and he fully agreed with it. Anyway, look at the pictures below and you decide.

Wait for it...
It's just plain weird
Dancing in weird clothes
With weird poses
Not too bad huh, only one bad point. Overall, I would still continue staying it and brace myself for the lift.


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