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Woohoo! Let you hair down and partyyyyy... because you are going to look at what Sin City has to offer and it's CRAAZZZYYY!
The famous sign (Source: Joao Carlos Medau at flickr)
I guess not many Singaporeans will want to take a 20 hours flight to somewhere and yet only stay 5D4N. Or more hours if you want to save some money on airfare like me and transfer in San Francisco. You could head to LA (Hollywood) or San Francisco after which. For me, I have been to both so my second tour is more in depth and relaxing.
If you are in Vegas, you can feel pretty bored if you don't go for the happening activities that the city can offer. And woah, they have so much to offer that 5D4N is definitely insufficient if you have planned it right. Presenting to you, the top 10 things to do in Vegas!

1) Day tour to Grand Canyon
Most of us have not been to any of the 7 wonders of the world so it's an excitement to head to this place. Seriously, I don't really enjoy looking at the rocks because I don't really think it's a big deal. However, it's just nice on that day there was an eclipse going on so I got to watch it there, so it was pretty cool. Breakfast was Mcdonald's and lunch was a fulfilling sandwich, both are included in the tour charges. It should cost around US$150 for a full day tour that starts from 0730 to 2300.

Hoover Dam with James Bond
Grand Canyon and hoover dam collage 
2) In N Out Burger
Singaporeans are a bit deprived of amazing burgers so having this fast food near our Excalibur hotel is definitely a plus! Please don't order from the menu and try some funny stuff as mentioned in this blog. Trust me, it's quite exhilarating ordering like a boss. Price is really cheap and stop thinking of the calories!
The sinful indulgence... shiok!
3) Buffet
It's just that everyone needs a sinful meal once in a while and when better to do it than overseas! Piles of shrimps and crab legs are the main draw. Just don't expect the taken-for-granted sashimi that is always present in buffets here. The top 5 buffets are listed here for your convenience. I have tried Bellagio buffet and it's quite nice but I would definitely try Bacchanal buffet at Caesars Palace next time.
Go extravagant, baby! (Source: Loren Sztajer from flikr)
4) $1.50 oysters / $3 chicken happy hour!
After the burn-a-hole-in-the-pocket-buffet, it's time to be slightly cost conscious and hunt for bargains around! Almost every restaurants have a happy hour special in the lazy afternoon before Vegas comes alive at night. This list is quite comprehensive but Hooters and those small restaurants off the strip are also generous with their promotions!
Wings and beer... happy day! (Source: Navin75 at flickr)
5) Explore The Strip
Starting from Stratosphere to Mandalay Bay the whole route is kind of exhilarating. There are lion shows at MGM, circus performance, Bellagio musical fountain, a roller coaster and so many more. Looking at their architecture and how they furnish the place to look like a mini country will wow you away. And best of all, these performances are all free! Check this list out and party your night away in some of the clubs. I did not drive during my stay there as I took the public buses or just hop on to the free transportation provided.
Little vibrant new york!
Little romantic France!
Not to be missed, the spectacular Bellagio fountain performance!
6) Shopping!
How can you not shop when you are in the USA with all the premium outlets available?! Girls go wild and guys go crazy and this is definitely cheaper, bigger and better than Johor premium outlet. I could spend the whole day there but still could not finish combing the entire place. So, do some research and only enter selective shops to fully utilize your time. There are regular public buses there frequently so you don't need a car there. Forum shops at the Caesars Palace is another place I had to go for shopping as Victoria's Secrets is only located there and not in  the premium outlets there! It's definitely a day of great retail therapy and left with no pockets.
Las Vegas North Premium Outlet
Shopping at Forum Shops @ Caesars Palace alongside Roman generals
7) Gamble
I know you are a good person and don't have any bad habits. But you cannot leave Vegas without trying your luck at the city with the highest number of slots machine per square radius! You can see them everywhere, in the airport, in the lobby, beside the toilet, in the restaurants... that's excluding the ones located in the ubiquitous casinos all around. Drink cocktails while you slog away at the jackpots like a regular... Come on boy scout, just spare a US$20 and get the thrill of it! You may lose but at least you tried!
Brightly lit casinos everywhere!
No lustre in the day as everyone has a hangover!
8) Watch strip shows / Cirque Du Soleil
I think it depends on who you are travelling with. If you are going with your parents, then it will be real awkward to watch any strip shows like Chippendales (For ladies) and Crazy Horse Cabaret (For men). The 'O' is still the most popular performance perfect for families. Just take note that the tickets are not cheap at more than USD100 a person.

Half naked muscular men *wolf whistle* (Source: Wikipedia)
9) Helicopter ride (>USD400) / Hot air balloon (USD275)
Granted, I have not taken both during my trip there as there was just not enough time (and money)! It's more expensive than the hot air balloon tour in Cappadocia (USD180) and I do not know how worthwhile the view is. But I can just imagine how romantic and vibrant the night lights will be! Just take a deep breath, scream out YOLO and try it if you have some free time.
File:Las Vegas Strip 2013.jpg
A romantic night out! (Source: Wikipedia)

10) Get married / Get a hangover!
Ok, honestly not everyone can do that like in a movie. But it's still great to imagine and watch those drunkards get married at a whim! You can have Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and other characters to officiate your wedding and a limousine to pick you up all for USD195! Wonderful for your memories and bridal packages are way cheaper than in Singapore. It's wild, it's crazy, it's insane but don't worry...

The beautiful and serene Chapel of the flowers!
After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas =P


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  1. Hey Jes,

    You definitely have good first hand knowledge of Sin City!

    I was only there for 3D2N, but I managed to do everything on your list except happy hour and the helicopter ride! I only took a limo ride instead, that was a bit more affordable for me. It was nice reading through your post and thinking of my time back there!

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

    1. Hi GMGH,

      Glad to see you again. I like the sin part of the city, where it seems so vibrant, fun and crazy.

      3D2N and you managed all? I must say that your shopping time is not enough haha. Yeah, I also took a limo ride and it was cheap but add the tipping part and it's not that cheap. Now USD has gone up so it's slightly more expensive... Europe would be a better choice! =)

  2. :envy: i havent gone to USA before :(

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      You have the financial capacity, so what's stopping you ;P

  3. Hi Jes,

    Guess a big mistake I made was not stopping over at Vegas when I was on my exchange in Vancouver. Yikes!

    1. Hi 15HWW,

      Well, I have not been to Canada but I am sure there are some other fun attractions there. I think Mrs 15HWW will want to go with you together anyway, just get ready for the shopping, hehe!

  4. Hi Jes

    I went to Vegas twice in my life when I was still a student back then in the US.

    Like you mentioned, Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon are probably the highlight of the tour but there are much more than that. I did my first skydiving there as well as watching the performance shows there (circus de soleil) which is fantastic. Other than that, its pretty much touring the hotels to see the different gambling table they have. Ahhh miss those times.

    1. Hi B,

      Woah, long time no see, hope you are still doing well. I did not know you studied in US, then you must know better than me on the attractions and other off-the-beaten-tracks.

      Oh cool, skydiving, really feel like trying it after my iFly. You can still go back anytime you want, and watch other shows although they will come to Singapore to perform occasionally. Holidays are always fun hahaha =P