Top 10 unwanted gifts from guys

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Valentines' day is over. Then comes her birthday, anniversary and then Christmas. Then the cycle repeats every year. The migraine sets in whenever you think of what to buy. Then when you buy something special for her, she actually becomes mad at you! I have a list of gifts that I actually hate receiving and it might be good for your reference:

1) Fishes
It's a very cute but cumbersome thing to give away, particularly when you are heading out. My initial thought is that it is really cute to watch them squirm and swim. After which, the reality sinks in. Where to buy the fish food, how to change the water, how often to feed them... All these are unnecessary headaches for me. I would much rather get a box of chocolates, but that may be just me.
Definitely not when she has a cat in the house! (Source:
2) Pot of flowersYou know some guys like to think far ahead and instead of giving you a bouquet, they think a pot of flowers is more practical and you can admire them everyday right? Wrong! I will surely forget to water and as time goes by, the flower/plant/cactus (oh trust me!) wilt and I find that I am the murderer and I don't feel good about it. Why do this to me and why think so far ahead?!

Maybe fake flowers are a better idea!
3) Jigsaw puzzle of my picture
This is a sweet gesture to customize a picture of me in the forms of jigsaw puzzles, cups, pencil case, key chains... As much as I love myself, I don't love staring at my own picture. The thought is nice but it will be more meaningful if it's a couple's picture or something.
Kind of creepy huh.. (Source: Jorge Elias at flickr)
4) Chocolates
Cliché, off the shelves, not thoughtful, mainstream, cheapskate.... you know the drill. Even high class chocolates is the same case.. it can be a second present but not the main one. But if you make it yourself, ah hah that's different and will definitely make you irresistible.
At least these have some fun toys inside... (Source: Wikipedia)
5) Bags/clothes/shoes
Realistically, guys will never get what the girls like unless they have spent some time together. You can buy the exact same bag in different colour and we won't like it. You can add in a zip and we won't like it. Don't try to act as if you know what she wants unless she really highlighted it out to you... turquoise is different from mint green and is different from lime green!

Differences in colour codes... (Source:
6) Soft toys
If I am 20 years younger, I would have jumped in delight. But a big grown woman will not want soft toys! I will just pass on to my cousins or put it somewhere to collect dust. Granted, I have seen some exceptions but that's the difference between girls and women.

7) Household appliances
Never give your partner anything that you will buy for your mother. Enough said.

8) Branded and extravagant items
Ladies don't like to feel obligated to continue the relationship because of an expensive gift. I don't want to feel guilty if I want to break up with you. It's too much of a baggage. A woman will never expect materialistic goods from a guy because she can buy it on her own.

9) Self help books
I received a Harry Potter book before and it's a nice gesture but I still prefer my e-book. I have no idea where the Harry Potter book is now. I heard from my friends that self help books are even worse, titles like "How to get ahead in your career" and "How to make friends" are like bombs that will blow up right in your face.
I think you are yearning to be single again. (Source: Wikipedia)

10) Self made accessories
Unless you make accessories for a living, I would suggest that you do not attempt to make a necklace or a bracelet or even earrings. I know the gesture is thoughtful and you have tried your best, but honey, nobody will ever want to wear an ugly looking thing on them. She also can't tell you that she hate it anyway.
Ammonite, Earrings, Sea, Fossil, Snail, Shells, Gem
These are really ugly!
I welcome all to share your worst gifts so that we girls don't have to suffer anymore =P Of course, I wouldn't leave you hanging, stay tuned to Top 10 gifts that is within budget, simple and yet romantic.


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  1. Pot of flowers?

    Don't waste them.

    Next time after receiving this useless "gift" from your guy, the first thing you do in the morning leave it near the bin. Someone else will love it and let it lives.


    1. Hi Uncle CW8888,

      Yeah after a few times then I realize I don't have the 'green fingers' so it's better to let it go... Are you those who will pick up the wild flowers beside the bin? Good for you!

      P.S: Already linked your website to mine =)

  2. Hi Jes,

    I can't wait for your top ten gifts cause I need some ideas and fast. LOL

    1. Hi Derek,

      Are you able to wait till next Thursday? If not, just for you only, I can give you a preview! Your happiness is at stake and nothing must stand in the way =P

  3. Jes, this was a funny read :D Especially 10), those are truly ugly!

    1. Hi J,

      Thanks for the compliment! I try to make it funny so that guys will actually remember these pointers hahaha. Yeah the earring is bad... hope you never have to endure these experiences!(assuming you are a girl to know that the earring is truly ugly! =D)

  4. Hi Jes,

    How about hand made cards? Hand drawn story books depicting our life together so far? :O How about ang bao with cash? How about a dinner? LOL

    1. Hi LP,

      Good to hear from you again. Yeah hand made cards are definitely gd, story books are too difficult to make, ang bao u give to your parents not to your partner and a romantic dinner is definitely needed. Hehe good suggestions and is it because you have given those things? Haha.

  5. Hi Jes,

    Interesting information. Once upon a time, I gave an unwanted gift. Haha.


    1. Hi Farmer,

      Thanks for dropping by. Don't worry, just don't repeat the mistake and a redemption gift can always be made! Haha.

  6. Camping here for the list of top ten gifts! :)

    1. Hi RetailTrader,

      Now I am afraid it doesn't live up to your expectations! Enjoy your camping trip here =P

  7. Hi Jes

    Wah heng ah , lucky ah boy isn't attached :) But well , at least i know what not to get for the opposite gender liao!


    1. Hi Ken,

      Yeah now you know huh... so hopefully ah boy get attached soon =) Good luck!

  8. Oh no... I have 5 out of the 10. Anyway thanks for the DIY chocolates tip, I have a good feeling about this :D

    1. Hi CP,

      Ok la, only 5 out of 10 hahaha! You will definitely have a better feeling after my post tomorrow on top 10 wanted gifts... since you are of marriageable age, you need more ideas! =P


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