A memorable taxi ride

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Interesting taxi ride in the early morning of my first overseas trip in 2015.
If I am lucky they will help me with my luggage.
I have always known that Singapore taxi drivers are more chatty than usual and they like to complain and talk about their lives. But this particular driver is more memorable.

He proposed to me.

Ok let's start from the beginning. The pleasantries were exchanged. Uncle asked me what I work as (salesman selling chemicals), why I have to travel (customers in the region) and which countries in general (Vietnam and Thailand).

I seemed to have impressed him with my answers and jokes about stopping people using chemicals for bombs so he said I have good conversational skills and look so capable and elegant. Politely I thanked him for his kindness.
The taxis in Singapore queuing to propose to me... haha. (Source: Wikipedia)
After which is what he was waiting for.. His turn to speak. He claimed that if he was 20 years younger, he would have chased me fervently and not give up. He had more than 10 girlfriends and 2 divorced wives after around 30 years. The average turnover is 2 to 3 years and the longest was merely 5 years. So in dating that many girls, he felt that he has wasted his youth. 

I think otherwise of course. Every failed relationship forces you to reflect and learn something about yourself, all the time and effort and emotions were invested to find out what turns you on or off. But uncle didn't want me to preach so I did not.

He thought that by having many girlfriends means many girls want him and that he is highly in demand. So as expected, he started telling me his achievements in life, having a degree and worked as a very capable manager before. After which, he emphasized on his kindness, helping out damsels in distress and thereby getting a new girlfriend each time.

That was when he dropped the bomb. He said if I married him, I would be his last girl.

Funny how 30 mins can lead to this. Definitely I was not impressed by him. I know for sure he has used these lines on who knows how many ladies.

Towards the end of the conversation, I couldn't contain myself anymore. I took off my sweet looking mask and asked him this:
可不可能是因为你感到空虚所以才有那么多女朋友?(Could it be because you are feeling empty inside so you need to change so many girlfriends?)

Just one sentence. Just when I almost reach airport so he won't go crazy over my words. I long to tell him that he does not have the guts to stay longer in a relationship as he always breaks it up when the going gets tough. I did not tell him that as he grows old and frail, there may not be anyone beside him as it will be harder to find girlfriends who will stand by him through sickness. His voice becomes small and rebutted that he don't mind being alone. 

I am not the one he has to convince, it's his own self he has to justify his crazy logic. I just cannot stand that he kept saying he is the nice guy, the hero in his own story and his kindness made him vulnerable to other girls who will seduce him. What about his own responsibility as a mature adult to judge and decide? I don't think it's right to only blame others for the failed relationships. Maybe I should not judge him so quickly but as a potential wife candidate, I think I have earned the right.
Healing comes from taking responsibility: To realize that it is you - and no one else - that creates your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. - Peter Shepherd
Of course, the proposal happened before I snapped and gave him my own version of a memorable customer. But have you guessed how I responded to his proposal? I just said thank you. After all, it really was memorable and made it clear that I do not want to end up like him.
The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all your flaws, mistakes and weaknesses and still thinks you're completely amazing.


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  1. Jes,

    What an interesting taxi ride!

    I see you met a man with a hole in his heart ;)

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Nice of u to drop by! Great job on the cryptic talk last week... it's somewhat true but maybe next time u can address the issue on latecomers finding whatever seats that are available? haha.

      Yeah, life's never boring when meeting new people everyday :)

  2. Looks like a unique taxi experience. If it takes just a mere cab ride to make him propose, I can see how his relationships never lasted. He doesn't take time to look deep and work hard for his past relationships.

    1. Hi SRSI,

      Yeah you are right, I think he likes having girlfriends but doesn't want to work on it. I don't get why he can keep thinking he is so great and all.. it kind of saddens me that he can't see himself clearly. Oh, very unique indeed... enjoy your day ahead!

  3. Hi Jes

    Interesting ride!!

    I somewhat think that he is aware of his deficiency and he is probably in denial. He probably meant to say to you as a joke after so many years of failure he has gone to. I mean I suppose he dont think he will succeed in his proposal isnt he.

    1. Hi B,

      Yeah denial is probable but judging from how he keeps blaming his gf/wives, it's a pretty serious problem. Haha, I was thinking the same thing too! But then after saying that he wanted to marry me, he actually paused and waited for my reply. If it's joking, he should be following up with other jokes instead of waiting... that's what I thought. I guess he is trying his luck after all, he has likely done this so often...

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Taxi rides can turn up many surprising conversations. Looks like he's been hitting on lady guests. *grin*

    Another taxi ride:

    1. Hi Lizardo,

      Read your post, can't believe people really need to work so hard just for a condo. People like to look rich but is actually poor, slaving for their house. Most rich people actually don't look rich at all... hahah!

      Yeah taxi rides are sometimes amusing but most time I feel too tired to small talk. Enjoy your week ahead!

  5. I can't imagine myself doing that either. But I guess that chap I met felt he was young enough to want to struggle like that.

    The taxi rides I get particularly irritated with are the ones when the driver try to impose their political opinions on me. *yawn*

  6. Hi Lizardo,

    Haha, I know how you feel... most of them like to complain about government and political opinions will follow closely. They like to grumble and chat and that's ok... better than they chat until they forgot a turn... that's really exasperating... :)

    1. Worse is when the driver is more tired than the passenger! Zzzz...

  7. That sure is a very interesting taxi ride you experienced, Jes. I cannot imagine what I will say if I were in your position. I guess you must be feeling really weird during that whole ride. Well, maybe that driver was just joking around to make the atmosphere less awkward, which I guess, didn't worked out well. Haha! But I'm pretty sure he somehow managed to entertain you too. Thanks for sharing your experience! Take care!

    Fredda Waugh @ Trenton Acura Taxi