Spending $300 or more on grooming

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Should I  spend $300 on a better hairstyle?

My hair has always been long and slightly wavy. I did perms for my prom and rebonding when I started work. On and off, dyeing my hair is quite common as Liese shampoo dye is cheap and fuss free.
Now it has become slightly more unruly and dull.
Nice wavy hair to signify feminity (Source: Brent Gambrell from flickr)
Hair is an important part of one's appearance, it can signify professional, chic, tomboy, ahpek, Korean style, obasan types, regardless of your features. I travel occasionally and meet people all the time, keeping it easy to maintain and neat is compulsory. But spending $300 to perm plus dye is not. I am reluctant to spend it even though the hairstyle can last around 2 years. 

Straight hair for a sweet girl (Source: Lies thru a lens from flickr)
I can do a lot with $300, like buying 6 pairs of shoes, 10 online dresses, grocery shopping for the whole month or pay for fuel. I know most girls will not flinch to spend these kinds of money for their beauty but I am not comfortable spending unnecessarily.

After all, my hair is still presentable. It is just not well groomed. I read about some people who will really spend $3000 every month on grooming, but they may earn 10 times more than that.

The solution is delayed gratification. I have been delaying this discussion with myself for a year now, wanting to wait till I earn more this year than my last year's portfolio. Right now, it's looking good but when I think of compounding interests, I hesitate to spend again. I have said that investing in oneself is necessary but how much is enough and how much is too much?

Or maybe something special? (Source: Wikipedia)
My other solution is to do my hair in Vietnam where everything is cheap and I can hopefully save some money. Even my hair cut I don't mind going for the ubiquitous $3.80 shop because it makes no difference when I trim it. My friends go for $38 haircuts but most of the time, I don't even know that they have cut their hair. They claimed that cheap stuff is not quality but quality should be noticeable yet it is not significant in most cases. 

So there you go... Such trivial girl issues. How much do you spend on your hair treatment then?


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  1. I must say it's very rare to have such a rational young Singaporean woman. Not being sarcastic, it's a compliment.


  2. Hi CK,

    Thanks for the compliment! Yeah I agree I am a rare breed because apparently none of my colleagues understand why I still need to think so long about spending these kinds of money. It's necessary for most ladies but I guess I could put it to better use.

    Thanks for dropping by! :)


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