Self drive in Jeju, Korea Part 2

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After the exhausting skiing at Yong Pyong in Part 1, we took a domestic plane from Gimpo airport to Jeju which is cheap at S$87 per person. There are a few domestic flights mainly Korean Air, Asiana Air, Air Busan, Eastar and Jeju Air. I booked through Eastar as it was the cheapest.

I highly recommend December hotel as it's good, cheap and simple. The taxi fare cost 3000 won (S$3.5) and takes less than half an hour from the airport. We only went to rent the car from Kumho the next day as renting the car at night and leaving it to park at the hotel is just wasting money. The car rental was near the airport and taxi drivers do know where Kumho rental is. Just remember to pre-book the Kumho cars online and register as a member... the discounts are worth it. You only have to research on the phone numbers of the attractions or get a brochure and the gps will bring you there. 2 days of driving just cost around S$120 inclusive of fuel for a normal Hyundai Accent sedan! Don't forget to check the box for egg unit which is free wifi in the car.

Love the free and easy driving around.

Of course, finding parking lots was a headache but it was also an adventure. Driving on the left hand side increases the difficulty level but Jeju is kind of laid back so I will definitely recommend driving. Plus, you get to drive around the coast, along the sealine, get lost in some back alleys, stop anywhere you want to take pictures and find the Mysterious Road... Awesome man!

Dongmun Market
Most attractions have their own carpark, the toughest one was Dongmun Market. You can find one at the end of the road as you turn right towards it. It is like a security post, you pass the keys to them and pay them before you reclaim it back. Do buy lots of chocolates and oranges to picnic along the way!

We head to the famous Loveland which was basically just a grand display of sexual art and exhibits. It will cause giggles and being there with friends might be weird. You can even buy the suggestive souvenirs for friends to have a laugh.

Cheonjeyeong falls 
I don't know what' the fuss about this place. The waterfall is really small and not like it's really gorgeous. It's good for a nice trekking and climbing of stairs but it's just not worth my effort. Probably because I was there during the winter and not the autumn season.

Manjang Cave
Maybe I am not a nature kind of person or maybe I have visited such caves before in China. I think that the scenery of Jeju are really over rated. Hokkaido is much nicer in my opinion and there are more variety of attractions to choose from.

Seongsan Sunrise Peak

At least I found a place worth coming back again. I did not wake up early for the sunrise but reviews have mentioned that it's quite spectacular. Anyway, after daylight you can properly see the scenery around and enjoy the cool breeze.  

Gimnyeong Maze Park
The unexpected highlight of this Jeju trip was actually this human sized maze that is beside the Sunrise Park. I thought of the Triwizard maze in Harry Potter and it's really fun! Just throw away the map and find your own way, explore the turns and enjoy the dead ends. Quite a unique and cheap attraction to visit. This unique attraction even appeared in Running Man show, definitely a must go for me.

It was definitely the wrong season to visit this place but I can't envision that this All In house from the drama can be so normal. Is it overhyped or not well maintained or that the reality of seeing it doesn't live up to my expectations? Don't sweat about it if you have no time for this attraction. Jeju also has Teddy Bear Museum, Trick Eye Museum and many others but for natural scenery, that's all there is to it.

For food, many reviews have recommended Gwangdong's beef lunch set but it was quite out of the way and we did not have time for it. We ate street food and just pop in those small stores to grab some bite. Breakfast is always at Paris Baguette since it opens early and is near the hotel. The bread are delicious and cheaper than in Singapore and can be considered the equivalent of Breadtalk.

Some of the must-eats in Jeju include Black pig bbq (Heuk Donga 509 Nohyeong-dong, 064-747-0088) and the meat is truly juicy and succulent. 
Abalone is like dirt cheap there... The abalone stew is pretty nutritious and you can find it in seafood places.

Fish and seafood are fresh and cheap so you can't go wrong with it. There is forever kimchi around to go with the dishes... Driving around Jeju was fun and relaxing. Now onwards to Seoul...


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  1. Looks fun. Never could pluck up enough courage to visit Korea on my own.

    Thought language was quite a problem with the locals in Jeju. Quite unlike Seoul where you can expect a Chinese speaking staff to respond.

  2. Hi Lizardo,

    Yeah I initially thought language would be a big problem but most of them can speak basic English. I think it's kind of fun to use sign language if appropriate. I wouldn't let that be an excuse of not going and you should not too!

    Merry xmas and happy new year to you!


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