Are looks important to succeed?

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I read an article recently confirming that pretty people make 12% more money. They did this study on real estate brokers and it definitely applies to any career that deals significantly with face-to-face interaction, especially politicians.

Looks are part of the package, a good example is Arnold Schwarzenegger (Source: Gage Skidmore at flickr)
Attractive people creates a pleasant feeling and humans are visual creatures, making us feel positive while we look at pretty things. The halo effect is when we associate good looks with their capability, which may be why some blessed people got through job interviews easier than the rest. It kind of also explains why some models and celebrities are also property agents.

With good looks, you may be more confident to voice your opinions and people will tend to hear you out.

With good looks, people will look at you longer when you speak, giving you more attention.

With good looks, others will tend to help you out if you need a favour.

With good looks, social media will be more useful and you can gather more 'likes'.

No wonder plastic surgery and Photoshop skills are so popular.

For me, I am not a stunning beauty. However, my industry is male dominated so average looking woman like me is able to score some brownie points. Looks is entirely subjective of course, I believe in grooming though. Everyone, not just women, needs to invest in themselves, maintain a pleasant facade and optimize their potential. Remember, there are no ugly people only lazy people : 没有丑人,只有懒人.Styling your hair to not look messy, putting on braces to give a better smile, using contact lenses to avoid looking dorky, wearing nice clothes to look presentable.. these are little things that improves our appearances and could make us more confident. Moreover, it is a form of respect to others. 没有先天的条件, 就要有后天的努力.

Yeah, even dogs too! (Source: Wikipedia)
It does not matter if we are not born pretty, we just have to work harder, invest a little more on grooming and everyone will still be marketable. Even if one is born with attractive features, he or she still needs to work on themselves to bring out the best in them. Ugly or pretty, your proactive attitude towards life will determine who will go one step ahead and retire first. Good looking people has the upper hand on first impression but ultimately. the brain department comes into play in the long haul.

Brawn vs brain, which would you choose?


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  1. very good post !

    Anthony Eden sats "an assumption though false, if persist in will harden into fact"

    That means those who assume if they do go under the knife, they would look pretty externally. This works if the eyes of the mind aligns with his mortal eyes of the world.

    According to Prescott, a plastic surgeon , he had experiences with people who continued to feel inferior worse after the operation. If the self conception of the person is not altered, then the outward modification is but a futile exercise.

    To be succumb to the world of noises and allow them to dictate the word beauty or beast, we humans are no more than machines who give up his wonderful heavenly gift from above and become slavery to the false masters of the world.

  2. Hi Jes,

    First impressions do matter. It's hard to get to know everyone properly and attractive looks do help.

    If you're attractive, you could probably get by even without grooming?

    Just have to work harder at grooming (not just looks) if not born with the genes.

    Even going under the knife doesn't work completely. Just look at the children! LOL

  3. Hi Desmond,

    Thanks for the compliment and for the additional information. Yeah, it doesn't matter if you are the prettiest of all if one is not comfortable in her own skin. Media is stereotyping beauty but inner beauty does enhance one's appearance too.

    Referring to your website, love yourself first then others will love you for who you are.

  4. Hi 15HWW,

    I agree first impression matters as sometimes you judge a person based on the first few seconds.

    Yeah, with perfect features you can ignore grooming initially but when one aged to above 35 years old, I think without grooming the difference should be quite vast. After all, no man can remain youthful forever! The kids will get their own surgery present on their 18th birthday haha.

    Thanks for the funny comments!