Money games

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Everyone needs money. We can't get enough of it and daydream about getting it without lifting a finger (Toto, 4D). Some resort to stealing, begging, lying, scamming... Others have to tolerate unreasonable bosses' demands and work long hours, sacrifice family time just to earn a few more dollars.

Then, why are some people still so goddamn reluctant to do a thing to get more money?
Always tired but want more money (Source: Wikipedia)
The irony is that when they know some credit cards can get cash rebates, some accounts can earn higher interest... they brush it off and say too troublesome.
The irony is that when they know that investing is a revenue to earn money but keep thinking of the risks involved.. they brush it off and say too difficult.
The irony is that when ask them to study FA and TA, read investment books, do research and learn more.. they brush it off and say no time, too lazy.

If you do not want to help yourself, nobody can help you.

I read a worrying article on the Straits Times that the top reason that people get in to debt is overspending. How true.. even as Generation Y, I have friends showing signs of cracking. They think that taking taxis everyday is a need because they cannot reach work on time otherwise and everyone else do that too. They think that eating restaurant everyday is a need because they need to reward themselves after a working day and feel the need to celebrate during weekends. They feel that they have to go overseas twice every year to keep up with others and have something to look forward to.

No wonder 5k a month of salary is not enough.

Shackled? (Source: Chris Potter at flickr)
I think there will be more people in debt next time, I can see the worrying trend all around me. You know what, I tried to give some advice, like cutting down on restaurants. They said that saving $50 a month amounts to only $600, not enough to buy even a table. 0.o Then cutting down on taxi is not necessary as it is already cheaper than buying a car. The overseas trip (Europe, USA...) must be taken when still young, money can still be earned.

I know there will be 101 justifications to yourself when you want things to be done your way. What matters ultimately is your choice, your own doing, don't blame the government for this. End up if no money for wedding, renovation, babies which is the prime time for our age, borrowing is a slippery slope that will come after which. If so many can take public transport, eat in hawker centres, go Malaysia or Sentosa every year, then don't find excuses that you cannot do it...

Obviously is you don't wanna do it.


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  1. Everything starts from baby steps. Even cutting down on the frequency of a regular cup of Starbucks would significantly add up over time.

  2. Hi Lizardo,

    Yeah.. actually everything everywhere you can find something to save on.. but alas, it's the person that has to be willing to make the difference. changing to kopi? ;P

  3. I remarked once to my partner who rewarded me with a mental slap. "If you cannot save a little bit of money now, what makes you think you will when you start earning more in the future?"

    I know, I know, this was an overly simplistic and "smart alec" comment but I just could not resist!

  4. Hi Clueless Punter,

    Thanks for dropping by. I agree with you, saving is a habit. It doesn't matter how much you earn, it's the way you lead your life. Maybe your partner knows you are saving for both of you.. Don't try too many 'smart alec' comments though! =P

    Anyway, read some of your posts, seems like you are very interested in Thailand ongoings, any reasons behind that?

  5. Thanks for checking out my site!

    I diversified to Thai equities when the Singapore market became quite stale for me, and I have been quite lucky in my success rate in the Thai market so far... (fingers crossed)

  6. Hi Clueless Punter,

    Never hear people talking about Thai equities before so it's refreshing to read about it. Anyway, I travel there frequently for work so it interests me too!